American Canyon Community and Parks Foundation

American Canyon Community and Parks Foundation

What We Do:

We are dedicated to helping connect the community to the outdoors. Through environmental education & outdoor programming, we improve health, wellness, and education opportunities in our community. Programs are diverse and include docent-led hikes, mobile wellness and play programs, nature art installations, trail improvement days, conservation programs, and school enrichment.






We believe that children who spend time in nature grow up to be adults who care for it. By providing opportunities to turn “screen time” into “green time,” we foster a community of environmentally conscious individuals who are both mentally & physically healthier. With plans for an Eco-Center at Wetlands Edge currently in development, our ability to provide environmental education programming for children throughout Napa County will expand. We also support our community through funding for park enhancements. We have donated over $150,000 in park improvement funds including trail improvements, the creation of the Wetlands Edge Fitness Center and the installation of StoryWalk American Canyon.

Other Ways to Help:

We love volunteers!

  • Lead hikes or take photos if you’re an outdoor enthusiast.
  • Lead programs if you’re an artist or master gardener.
  • Help at community outreach events, participate in fundraising, or take part in employee volunteer programs.


Business Partners:

<strong>The Board of Directors</strong> of American Canyon Community & Parks Foundation match of the first $2000 in donations made to ACCPF through CanDo’s <em>Give!Guide</em> has been met.




We are so lucky to have ACCPF here in American Canyon to provide enriching opportunities to get families outside, enjoying nature, and connecting with their community.

~ Megan Dameron, American Canyon Resident

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