Bleating Hearts Farm and Sanctuary

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Bleating Hearts Farm and Sanctuary

What We Do:

We provide a haven for farm and domestic animals that need a permanent home. We also facilitate adoptions for rehabilitated animals in a self-reliant, environmentally conscious, and plant-based farm agricultural setting. We raise community awareness about domestic animals in high-kill shelters and provide aid where possible.

In addition to being an animal rescue and advocate of their plight, we strive to be a sustainable, eco-friendly and replicable urban farming model on our single-acre plot, growing produce with all-organic practices as food for our animals and donating the over-abundance back to our community.

We work with the public to reduce animal suffering by implementing spay/neuter programs. We educate the public about animal friendly lifestyle choices and give students an alternative outcome for their raised farm animals. We also help kids learn about caring for creatures, reward them for doing so, while saving the lives of many.

We have helped many local families place their chickens, ducks, and cats into loving homes. Providing produce and mulch for gardening when needed. Our goal is to be a strong presence in our community to bring awareness to farmed and domestic animal’s plight, while being self-sustainable and eco-friendly.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • General animal care (brushing, petting, feeding)
  • Mucking and cleaning pens
  • Gardening
  • Building and design
  • Landscaping
  • Social media assistance

Donate needed supplies (food bins, scoops, gardening tools, feed & seed, etc.)


A safe haven for animals in need run by an amazing couple who travel to great lengths to make anything possible. Food, treats, medical care, safe homes for life and love: that's what they do.

~ Deidre Newton, Volunteer

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