Canine Guardians

Canine Guardians

What We Do:

We empower PTSD veterans and disabled people to live a more independent life by providing them with specially trained assistance dogs. Our dogs assist with physical needs, address and soothe emotional wounds, retrieve dropped items, bring needed items, help them feel safe in public, calm, comfort, adore and love them. We have a waitlist with people waiting anxiously for our dogs!

Do Service dogs change/save lives? With 18 veterans committing suicide a day, ask any veteran if their service dog has saved them and you’ll hear: “Absolutely! Dogs save lives, marriages, and families”. Our CG dogs have demonstrable positive, long-term impact.

Currently, 16 dogs are in training: 14 are training with Puppy Parents Trainers and 2 dogs, while in training, are at Youth Detention Homes calming the children. Local students/adults raise our puppies in their own homes while receiving essential bi-weekly guidance and skills training for/with their dogs. CG dogs are taught physical commands – to pick up dropped items, open and retrieve items from refrigerators, turn on/off lights, protect the backside of the person in public, check a room/hallway for safety before entering, and more.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Puppy Parenting Trainers
  • Provide facility for training, meetings, events
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising help
  • Social media assistance
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Gift Card Donation for Chewy, Costco, PetSmart, PetExpress

Business Partners:

Marcia Hadeler of Coldwell Banker will donate $100 for every $1000 in donations to Canine Guardians through the Give!Guide.


I am so grateful for my Canine Guardians Assistance Dog. I am no longer afraid of sleep, of going out, no longer have deep anger issues. Thank you for this life-saving and life-changing opportunity.

~ A Grateful Veteran

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