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Friends of Napa County Animal Shelter

Help us help the animals of Napa County find loving homes and keep them healthy! We assist the Napa County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center with pet adoptions and lifetime care, including providing medical assistance, promoting volunteer opportunities, and offering community education so families and their pets can stay together.

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Jameson Humane

Guided by the connection among animals, humans, and our planet, we seek to improve animal welfare through global collaboration and education for the benefit of all life. Jameson’s program includes novel solutions and approaches driven by education. Community services include financial assistance, pet temporary housing during times of domestic violence/retreat, vet care subsidy, and more.

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Napa Community Animal Response Team (CART) works to ensure the best possible outcome for animals during emergencies or disasters. We educate about animal-related disaster preparedness, response, and recovery; assist emergency services in the sheltering, evacuation, and care of animals during a disaster; and train first responders, veterinary professionals, and volunteers in animal rescue and trauma care.

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Napa Humane

Special Opportunity

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Our community-based programs/services prevent pet homelessness and support humane homes for companion animals.  animals. We operate Napa County’s only high-quality, low-cost clinic for spay/neuter, vaccination, and microchipping services. We also provide free wellness clinics for Napa’s most vulnerable pets, deliver Humane Education programs in our schools/community, and operate a non-emergency helpline.

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Napa Wildlife Rescue

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NWR saves orphaned, injured or sick birds and mammals. We are the only organization in Napa County permitted by California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife back into the wild. In 2019, NWR helped 1200 birds and mammals. Our education and outreach programs have taught thousands about local wildlife.

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Sunrise Horse Rescue

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Rescue and provide sanctuary, care, and companionship to abused, neglected, and abandoned horses. Provide resources to horses and horse owners in need of help. Offer equine welfare education and therapy programs, and advocate for the unwanted horse.

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Waggin’ Trails Rescue Foundation

We rescue companion animals from overcrowded California shelters and abandonment situations. Then, we find them loving forever homes through local placement and through partnerships with like-minded rescue organizations, humane societies and no-kill shelters. We also provide public education about animal welfare.

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We Care Animal Rescue

Provide shelter, sanctuary, medical care, loving support, and socialization for homeless, elderly, and special needs animals. Every animal in our unique, no-kill, free-roaming shelter is promised a forever home, whether with us in our sanctuary or through adoption. We also provide assistance for cat owners and feral caretakers.

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