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American Canyon Community and Parks Foundation

We are dedicated to helping connect the community to the outdoors. Through environmental education & outdoor programming, we improve health, wellness, and education opportunities in our community. Programs are diverse and include docent-led hikes, mobile wellness and play programs, nature art installations, trail improvement days, conservation programs, and school enrichment.






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Napa County RCD

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Help our community care for land, water, soil, and wildlife. Build climate-resilient and vibrant communities, farms, forests, and open spaces. Promote equity, cooperation, youth engagement, and sound science as key ways to improve the health and beauty of our watersheds for future generations.

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Napa Valley State Parks Association

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NVSPA supports our three Napa Valley state parks by partnering with the Napa County Regional Parks and Open Space District to provide financial, interpretive, and volunteer assistance. This includes children’s environmental education, school tour and bus subsidies, public historical and cultural events, and creating new interpretive resources.

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