Community Action of Napa Valley

Community Action of Napa Valley

What We Do:

CANV believes no one should live in poverty. We offer daily emergency assistance along with tools and skills to rebuild lives through our network of programs including the Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, and our Child Development & Family Program.

Our clients have more than tripled with the COVID-19 pandemic and local fires. Despite these challenges, we have found new ways to reach our community.

CANV improves lives and increases self-sufficiency for Napa’s vulnerable community. From Calistoga to American Canyon, Pope Valley to Carneros and everywhere in between, CANV feeds the hungry, serves the elderly, and reaches out with dignity and respect to local people living in poverty.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Encourage your family and friends to get involved and/or volunteer.
  • Volunteer to deliver meals.
  • Volunteer to drive food to distribution sites and pick up from local markets.
  • Participate in a food sorting or boxing party.
  • Join CanDo’s Napa Valley Food Project, an ongoing food drive for CANV’s Food Bank.
  • Write letters to local, state, and federal lawmakers.
  • Volunteer at a pantry distribution location.
  • Purchase one-time infrastructure items (fuel, bedding, school/art supplies, dishes).
  • Donate used bags and/or reusable bags.
  • Glean local produce.


We really appreciate all the hard work you are doing to help our neighbors and clients receive fresh and nutritious food during COVID-19.

~ NEWS (Nurturing Empowerment Worth Safety)

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    Janice Beglau-Taylor
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    Nanda Thiyagarajan
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    Sally Jensen Dutcher
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    Joan Foresman
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    Gayle Adamowicz & Roger Bray
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    Cristina White
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    Karen Turjanis
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    Leslie and Marc Hauser
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    Allison Saether
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    Alison Christianson
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    Janelle Mason
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    Seth Tenscher
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    Peggy McConnell
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    Margan Holloway
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    Robert Van Der Velde
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    Scott Owens
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    Adrienne and Larry Amdahl
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    Robert Nations
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    Melinda Walker
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    Francis chamberlain
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    Jeff & Elaine Siefert
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    Kara Maraden
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    Nancy Evans
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    Greg McGrath
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    Janice Staller
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    Elizabeth Munk in honor of John Forster
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    Barbie Jamieson
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    M Mulvihill
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    Julie Lovie
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    Jeffrey Schaffer
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    Jennifer Putnam
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    Susan Katz
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    Anonymous in honor of Walter and Kelly Sun for the purchases of Dewitt and Cercado
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    Jeanie Whelan
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    Cindy Bannister
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    Chris Pisani in honor of On Behalf of Chris Pisani
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    Ellen Wulf in honor of In Memory of Don Wulf
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    Karen and Kyle Brocker
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    Julie Spencer
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    Sherry Fournier
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    Dave and Sherlyn Zumwalt
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    Julia Winiarski
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    Katherine Anderson
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    Allie Pittenger
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    Jane Zastrow
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    Ed Matovcik
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    Diane & Peter Dexter
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    Karen Stern
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    Carlo Rocca
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    James and Suzanne Bronk
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    John and Carol Glaser
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    Sharon Macklin
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    Louise Vicencio
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    Stacy Soberalski Hersly
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    Marty Flynn
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    Wendy Pomerantz
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    Frances Anamosa
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    Laura Berry in honor of Karl Knight and Debra Grassgreen
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    Susan and Alan Tough/ Arnopole in honor of Joyce and Jack Tough
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    Lee Morhar in honor of Judith Morhar
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    Bob Fioretti
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    Dr. Dian Althea Dooley
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    katherine wade
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    Arto and Cheryl Toivola
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    Lucas & Sarah Patzek
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    Mary Herzog
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    Catherine Adams
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    Linda Freeman in honor of Sam, Amanda and Eddie Freeman
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    Bob and Theresa Frappia
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    Glenn Lustig
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    Robert & Ginger Lee in honor of Aaron, Erin, and Sydney Lee
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    Anonymous in honor of Lawrence R Barker
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    Sharyn Fuller
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    Linda Wargo
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    Anonymous in honor of Adam Gardner/Marisa McCullough
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    Sherri and Eric Fidel
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    Julie Worthington
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    Sarah Galczynski
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    Hope Lugo
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    Dorothy Salmon in honor of Napa Food Bank
  104. Avatar
    Candy and Brian Wilson in honor of Napa Food Bank
  105. Avatar
    Elizabeth and Frank Stockdale in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Adrienne Mitchell in honor of Napa Food Bank
  107. Avatar
    Frank and Kathleen Lucier in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Sandra Pearson in honor of Napa Food Bank
  109. Avatar
    Bernhard Krevet in honor of Napa Food Bank
  110. Avatar
    Janie Salinger in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Jeri McCulloch in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Michelle Fox Johnson in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Ellen Wulf in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Luxmore Real Estate in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Scott Panton in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Roger Bray in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Joycellyn McCormick in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Elston Rothermel in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Barbara Danne in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Diane Wilcox in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Carol Sanchez in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Charles Newman in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Betty Warnock in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Donna Altes in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Elizabeth Kirkaldie in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Cathy Hight in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Staci Hemmerlin in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Kathryn Archer in honor of Napa Food Bank
  129. Avatar
    Ricci Hayes in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Loreen Schallon in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Lisa Seran in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Ed Berruezo in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Stacey Abeyta in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Sheila Newberry in honor of Napa Food Bank
  135. Avatar
    Myra Gillette in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Charlotte Wolter in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Stephanie Ann Bond Huie in honor of Napa Food Bank
  138. Avatar
    Barbara Campbell in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Nancy Kennedy in honor of Napa Food Bank
  140. Avatar
    Barbara Pahre in honor of Napa Food Bank
  141. Avatar
    Carolyn Conkell in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Collette Stricker in honor of Napa Food Bank
  143. Avatar
    Roseanna Munoz Goodfellow in honor of Napa Food Bank
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    Diane Halus in honor of Napa Food Bank
  145. Avatar
    Anthony Schunk in honor of Napa Food Bank
  146. Avatar
    William Allen in honor of Napa Food Bank
  147. Avatar
    Joseph and Dianna Wilcox in honor of the Napa Food Bank
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    Lenore Davies
  149. Avatar
    Michael Borck
  150. Avatar
    Ellen Blakey
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    Patty McCart
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    Drene Johnson in honor of Benjamin Johnson
  155. Avatar
    Kasandra Weinerth
  156. Avatar
    Maxine Miluso in honor of All volunteers!
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    David and Lana Stanley in honor of J. V. Jones
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    Michael Moffett
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    Mike & Donna Mertz
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    Sandra Foley
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    Liz Russell
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    Kim & Albert Katz in honor of The O'Neill Family
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    Rebecca Nicholson in honor of Hope & paying it forward
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    Lisa Cort
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    Linda and Paul Cantey
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    Kelly Cliff
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    Stephanie Turnipseed
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    Anna Gregg
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    Claudia Colantuoni
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    Ismail and Candy Akman
  178. Avatar
    Karen Lustig
  179. Avatar
    Markley Sutton, PhD
  180. Avatar
    Judith Cahill Bravo in honor of CanDo and the fabulous work of the community of Napa!
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    Paula Brutocao
  183. Avatar
    Melinda Cervantes
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    Mark & Bonnie Andersen
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    Hilary Zunin in honor of Speak with courage. Act with integrity. All else follows.
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    Carla Griffin
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    Carole Rehbock
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    Ruth Metzger
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    Vicki Green, Ph.D.
  198. Avatar
    Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth
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    Linda Dietiker-Yolo
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    Art & Kathleen Morgan
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    AnnMarie Schwartz
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    Steve Deutsch
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    David & Andrea Marquardt
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    Mary Jane Estes
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    Marilyn O'Connor
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    Karin & Kim Ashford / Kocher in honor of Our Community
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    Jeffrey Richard
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    Bruna Nieri
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    borden wright
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    Sam and Joan Fromowitz
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    Breanna Feliciano
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    Danielle Alleven
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    Karen Olson
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    Linda Jesmok
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    Sam Magro
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    Jacqueline Jackson
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    Jane Rowland in honor of Kevin Rowland
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    David Freed
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    Joan Harrison
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    Kathleen & Bruce Reynolds in honor of DJ and TL for your tireless work.
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    Jill and Stuart Bockman
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    Patricia Hector
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    Karen Garcia
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    Matthew Reid
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    Marilyn Soulsburg
  234. Avatar
    Marilyn Soulsburg
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    Jessie Quigley
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    Ellen Udoff
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    John Lansingh
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    Diana Griffin
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    Karen and Chris Kvidahl
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    Sylvia and Terrence Moylan in honor of Napa Food Bank
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