Community Resources for Children

Community Resources for Children

What We Do:

Provides children with the best possible start by empowering the adults who impact their care and education. Connects parents to quality child care, allowing them to work and support their families and ultimately help our economy recover. Coaches individuals in starting and growing thriving child care businesses.

Whether a child is at home with a parent, in child care or preschool, or cared for by a friend or relative, CRC provides the adults who take care of children with the knowledge, tools, and resources so that children under their care thrive.

Every year, CRC provides critical child care and early learning programs to more than 4,000 individuals in Napa County, including bilingual early learning and developmental screening programs that support children in our community so that they are ready to learn in kindergarten. CRC also serves as the community link to child care.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Follow us on social media and share our posts.
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  • Advocate for early learning and child care.

Business Partners:

  Bank of Marin will match the first $2,000 donated to Community Resources for Children through CanDo’s Give!Guide.


My husband and I are essential workers. A huge burden was taken off our shoulders knowing that we didn’t have to choose which bills to pay or compromise when it came to our daughter’s care.

~ Sophia Johnson, Client of CRC’s Child Care Program for Essential Workers

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