Connolly Ranch Education Center

Connolly Ranch Education Center

What We Do:

We deepen children’s connection to nature through our unique farm-based educational programs. Time on our farm gives youth hands-on experiences centered around cultivating social, emotional, and ecological intelligence. Children of all ages explore and interact with our animals, garden, and wild spaces, inspiring them to be the next generation of environmental stewards.

Since 1991, Connolly Ranch Education Center (CREC) has taught Napa Valley’s youth the importance of environmental stewardship. Today we connect over 10,000 children a year to nature through early childhood programs, K-6 grade educational programs, K-12 grade field trips, summer and school break camps, and community events.

In 2020, we all experienced an international pandemic and regionally devastating wildfires. These events created extreme change and hardship for our children. CREC was a safe place where endless joy and discovery happened for our community’s children. We safely taught and cared for 550 children ages 3 to16 through the summer and did so by increasing our financial assistance by almost 50%.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Animal care and nighttime and weekend feeding through Creature Comforts program
  • Seasonal gardening, watering and weeding through Green Thumb Gardeners program
  • Help plan and staff fundraising and community seasonal events
  • Sign up for one-day seasonal work days — MLK Day, Spring Clean Up & Gardening, Fall Farm & Facilities Repair Day

Donations needed:

  • Art supplies
  • Gardening and facility maintenance tools
  • Barnyard animal feed and supplies (harnesses, brushes, etc.

Business Partners:

AG Health Benefit Alliance will match the first $1,000 in donations to Connolly Ranch Education Center through CanDo’s Give!Guide.


My child's face at Connolly Ranch brings me hope for our future. There is endless joy, wonderment … and always covered in lots of dirt!

~ 2020 Summer Camp Parent

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    Ag Health Benefits Alliance in honor of Matching Funds
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    hilary Zunin in honor of Welcome back to CanDo's Give!Guide 2020. We're so glad you're a part of our community.
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