Expressions of Hope

Expressions of Hope

What We Do:

We are dedicated to serving and supporting the foster care community in Napa County, by providing backpacks filled with personal items, clothing, and shoes. We offer kids experiences to help normalize their uprooted lives, and we help meet the emotional needs of Resource Families through support groups, mentoring, and activities.

Napa County has limited foster homes so unfortunately 50% of kids that go into care are sent out of our county. EOH helps with recruiting new homes and retaining ones we have. Not everyone feels equipped to be a foster parent, so we provide other ways for you to help.

Our Resource Center is filled with gently used clothing, and shoes, baby items, beds, and dressers to give to families, and the space for support group meetings and trainings. The Foster Kids Fund provides funding for kids to participate in activities like music or art lessons, sports and camps; the Fund also provides needed items like computers, bikes and sports equipment. We plan activities to build community among the Resource Families, and we provide perks throughout the year to encourage and support our families caring for and loving the kids in care

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer Opportunities:
* Become a foster parent
* Provide a service like babysitting, hair cut, or an oil change
* Volunteer to bake or cook
* Wash clothes that are donated
* Pick up or drop off donations
* Clean donated items
* Provide social media support

*Donate gift cards (Target, Walmart, grocery stores)

Business Partners:


Knowing that Expressions of Hope is there to support the child, but also to support us in those first crucial days, makes all the difference in how we are able to bless the children.

~ Steve and Anna Barger

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    Caroline Templeton in honor of My family - 2 sons, 1 daughter and 6 grandchildren
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