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Feeding It Forward

What We Do:

We alleviate hunger, and reduce waste, in Napa County by recovering excess fresh food from donors, delivering this food to over 40 community partner organizations that serve our neighbors suffering food insecurity. Addressing both food insecurity and food waste improves the health, well-being, and economy of our community. We believe everyone deserves a healthy diet.

Founded in the fall of 2018, we’ve grown rapidly from a few thousand meals that year to over 88,000 meals in the first 6 months of 2021. In 2019, an astonishing 35% of all food in the U.S. went unsold or uneaten. That’s $408 billion worth of food: wasting water, landfill space, and energy, which could be utilized to feed the over 6,000+ children. Just in Napa County, 19% of children are food insecure, with 6% of seniors in Napa living below federal poverty levels. A nutrient-poor diet often contributes to the development of many chronic diseases.

Our robust network actively collaborates to serve the hungry in Napa County. Our founder, David Busby, chairs the Safety Net Food Committee of 15+ local organizations; he also co-chairs the Food Access Subcommittee of Napa Valley COAD which collaborates with 25+ other local organizations.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Customer relations and database assistance
  • Food collecting (verifying for food safety), transporting, and delivery to organizations
  • Social Media & Print Assistance:
  • Website assistance
  • SEO
  • Creation of newsletters, blogs, flyers, marketing pieces
  • Graphics creation
  • Copy editing
  • Networking & increasing awareness of food insecurity and food waste (environmental impacts)
  • Fundraising assistance
  • Donations of compostable containers, cleaning supplies, gas cards

Business Partners:


FIFNV delivered nutritional, healthy fresh food and huge smiles to 150-200+ Napa Valley seniors (vulnerable population of 60-100 yrs. old!), monthly, making significant differences in their physical, mental, and financial health during a stressful year.

~ Karen Wyard - Senior Outreach Specialist, UpValley Family Centers

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