Girls On The Run

Girls On The Run

What We Do:

We build young girls’ resilience to stand up for themselves and others, especially now, with the additional stress of COVID-19. In a safe space, after school, girls connect, talk and move. Social and emotional learning, particularly self-esteem and physical health, are positively impacted. Most girls come from financially disadvantaged and traditionally under-represented ethnic/racial families.

Positive, trained community leaders volunteer and facilitate this nationally-researched life skill curriculum. Includes lessons on visualization and mindfulness, expressing feelings with “I” statements, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, being an empathetic community member, and emphasizing that beauty shines from the inside out.

Small groups of 8 to 13-year-old girls connect, in-person or virtually, twice a week for eight weeks and become strongHER while being safe, having fun, and adhering to all COVID-19 protocols. Girls experience the gift of giving through a community project, and the power of achievement by finishing a non-competitive virtual 5K/3.1 miles.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Donate to fill a girl’s individual packet to minimize sharing: markers, lap counters (fun stickers, beads, pipe cleaners) and individual hand sanitizers.
  • Purchase a gift card from Oriental Trading, Target or Walmart.
  • Purchase masks to provide to volunteers and girls.
  • Volunteer to help make the virtual 5K extra special with small cheering families across the County.
  • Volunteer to help spread mindfulness and social, emotional and physical health.


I can see the skills this program gives girls. It is such an important time in a young girl’s life, and being able to provide the tools to help build her confidence and self-worth is invaluable.

~ American Canyon GOTR Volunteer Life Coach

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    Melinda Walker
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    Caroline Templeton in honor of Chris and Betsy Templeton; Karen and Dave Bohrk; David and Lynn Templeton; Mac Templeton, Kate Templeton; Penelope Templeton; Fae Templeton; Ian Reis; Eric Reis
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    Bob Fioretti
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    Anonymous in honor of Sandra Cruz, Andrea Cazares, Anne Pentland, David Garden Jr., Dana Johnson, Jamie Graff, Margaret Dennett, Kerri Beeker, Mary Miroglio, and Nick Cann
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