Girls on the Run Napa & Solano

Girls on the Run Napa & Solano

What They Do:

Empower healthy girls. Combine life-skills curriculum with experiential activities, engaging talks, and running or just moving. Give tools for choosing positive over negative self-talk, movement over sedentary lifestyle, satisfaction over negative body image, and healthy friendships over destructive relationships. Over 1,000 girls are empowered each year, most of whom come from economically disadvantaged families.

Women leaders volunteer and use nationally-researched curriculum. This includes lessons on visualization, expressing feelings with “I” statements, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, healthy eating, exercise, bullying prevention, and emphasizing that beauty is inside-out.

Small groups of 8 to 13-year-old girls meet twice a week for ten weeks in the spring and fall at 65 school sites. Girls experience the gift of giving through a community project and the power of achievement by finishing a non-competitive 3.1 miles/5K run.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Donate to help fill a rewards’ bucket:  fun stickers, beads, pipe cleaners, nail polish, shoe tags.
  • Volunteer at 5K to make it fun and positive by hosting a cheer station with friends.
  • Purchase a gift card at Oriental Trading, Target or Walmart.
  • Purchase Luna Bars to provide a healthy snack.
  • Wear your favorite hero outfit and volunteer to be a SHERO face painter or Defender Hair Sprayer at 5K.
  • Play a musical instrument for the 5K participants.


I really loved the messages and info you guys sent during the fire. Thank you. [My daughter] really loves your program.

~ Napa Junction Mom

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    Jean Mohorovich
  2. Avatar
    Janice Taylor
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    Shauna Kadel in honor of Phillips Magnet Elementary School
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    Caroline Templeton
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    Melinda Dittman
  6. Avatar
    Jennifer Byram
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    Cory Roche
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    Nancy Fireman in honor of hilary zunin and her tireless efforts to help others
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    Bob Fioretti
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    Don & Ellen Wulf
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    Harvest Financial LLC
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    William Allen
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    Anonymous in honor of The Clients of T-9 at Napa State Hospital
  18. Avatar
    ZD Wines in honor of Scott Billeci
  19. Avatar
    Julie Spencer
  20. Avatar
    Gerane W. Park
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    Hilary Zunin in honor of ...the CanDo Spirit as embodied in volunteers throughout our communities. It takes a Valley!
  22. Avatar
    Michele Grupe
  23. Avatar
    Suzanne Meigs in honor of "we are all ONE family"
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    Randall and Krys Wulff
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    Janet Polsinelli
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    Eikos Inc
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    Alexandra Farber
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    Kyle Wolfsberger
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    Natalie Dulaney
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    Mary Dimmick Elke
  34. Avatar
    Marianne Gray
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    Phil Bennett in honor of
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    David and Sherlyn Zumwalt
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    Kristine Haataja
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    Nicole Scommegna
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    Lynnie Pelfini
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    Patricia McCart
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    Kelli Marchbanks
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    John Thorngate
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    Melanie Oberting
  44. Avatar
    Linda Lambert in honor of Lucretia Todd
  45. Avatar
    Mary & Michael Herzog
  46. Avatar
    Susan Perry
  47. Avatar
    Jeffrey Nichelini
  48. Avatar
    Jessica Harcourt
  49. Avatar
    Mike and Carolyn Conkell
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    Donna Mertz
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    Heather & Steve Teague
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    Sarah Aguilar
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    Norma Neil
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    Bill and Susie Ashby
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    Stephanie Turnipseed
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    Anne McMinn
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    Cooper Todd
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    Karlin McLean
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    John Wagner
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    Sally Wagner
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    Erica Pickett
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    Vince Dacanay
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    Carol Nelsen
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    Wendy Cole
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    Peppy Patty in honor of Matching funds
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    Michael Borck
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    Gail Lansinh
  74. Avatar
    Jennnifer Lamb
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    Tammy Smith
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    Jacqueline Jackson
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    Anonymous in honor of the memory of Isabelle Devean Berry
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    Brittany Armstrong in honor of Girls bein great
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    Elaine Herrick
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    Terry Longoria in honor of My aunt Mamie
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    Peter Howell
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    John Lansingh
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    Carol Glaser
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