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If Given A Chance

What We Do:

We identify Napa County high school students who’ve overcome profound traumatic challenges and empower them to build a better life for themselves. We provide mentoring, financial, and emotional support throughout the students’ college or vocational training years to help ensure their success.

We offer a lifeline for select high school students who have experienced a tremendous personal challenge and demonstrate a commitment to continuing their education. Youth who have suffered abuse, alienation, neglect, or made negative life choices often enter the post-high school years with little or no emotional, moral or financial support. Our program meets the essential needs of these students by providing funds to be used for continued education, food, shelter, transportation, and technology while attending school. Each student is provided with personalized mentoring to aid them on their path to success.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Provide internships to college students in a field relevant to their declared major
  • Donate time to talk to a student about their field of study and your profession
  • Assist with our marketing and outreach efforts
  • Provide gift cards for gas or other essentials for our students
  • Help us locate available housing options for our students
  • Help with occasional administrative support

Business Partners:


For 26 years, I've watched IGAC help troubled, but courageous, high school graduates advance their education. The program’s mentoring and financial assistance has helped foster the success of these graduates, many of whom have become strong contributors to our Napa Valley community.

~ Congressman Mike Thompson

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    Karen & Michael Cahill
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    Kasandra and Greg Weinerth
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    Paul Games in honor of the memory of Lyla Games
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    borden wright
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    Jodie Wang
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    Sandra Sims in honor of Nancy Fireman
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    Christina Benz
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    Allison Saether
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    Howell Broxton
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    Penny Pawl in honor of no one
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    Wendy Cole
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    Joan Harris
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    Debra Re
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    Robert Fioretti
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    Paulette Litz
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    Christina Kelly
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    Sandra and Dean Hansen
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    Jeanne Moulton
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    Antoinette von dem Hagen
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    Matthew Reid
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    Sharon Macklin
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    Peg Maddocks
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    Mark/Janet Boessenecker/Rivas
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    Bill Imada in honor of Le Cheve and Ms. Cinthya Cisneros
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    Grania Lindberg
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    Lori & Lonnie Bowling
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    Jason Huffman
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    Julia Smith
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    Janna Waldinger
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    Grady Sibert
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