If Given A Chance

If Given A Chance

What We Do:

We select high school juniors who have experienced trauma, medical challenges or the effects of poverty, and provide counseling, life skills seminars, and assistance with college or vocational entrance requirements. Throughout their undergraduate college careers, we provide scholarships and personalized mentoring to ensure their success.

IGAC meets essential needs of vulnerable Napa County high school students who have experienced traumatic childhood events. We support opportunities to achieve emotional stability, to successfully get accepted into college or vocational training, to increase their earning power, and to have positive health outcomes.

Throughout their undergraduate schooling, we provide mentoring, life skills training, role models, and financial assistance for students who have made a commitment to complete a college degree or vocational training and who have set a course to reach their full potential.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Database assistance
  • PR assistance
  • Legal services

Donations needed:

  • Gift cards for Walmart, Target, Office Depot, Staples, Amazon
  • Prepaid cards from credit card companies such as Visa or Mastercard
  • Laptops in working condition
  • Gas cards


IGAC financially supports and mentors courageous youth who make the choice, if given a chance, that they will work hard to achieve success! Against many odds they walked into light from darkness because someone cared!

~ Dorothy Salmon, Founding Board Member, IGAC

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    GAYLE O'KELLEY in honor of Jackie O'Neil
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    Janice Beglau-Taylor
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    Linda Roberts
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    Sally Jensen Dutcher
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    Joan Foresman
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    William Birmingham
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    Sheree & Laurence Pollard
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    Allison Saether
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    Ashley Finster
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    Bruce and Carole Heid
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    Patricia Peterson
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    Melinda Walker
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    Jeff & Elaine Siefert
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    Margret Smetana in honor of Janet Smetana
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    Elizabeth Munk in honor of John Forster
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    Mark Van Gorder in honor of Hillary Zunin
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    Barbie Jamieson
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    Jeffrey Schaffer
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    Susan Katz
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    Sommmer Miller in honor of On Behalf of Sommer Miller
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    Barbie Jamieson in honor of On Behalf of Barbie Jamieson
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    Ellen Wulf in honor of In Memory of Don Wulf
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    Anonymous in honor of 100 Men Who Give a Damm
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    Desiree Brun
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    Alison Rodriguez in honor of Mingo Rodriguez, Sharon and David Crary
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    Sherry Fournier
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    Dave and Sherlyn Zumwalt
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    Bruce Barge
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    Cory Roche
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    Andrea Stover
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    Diane & Peter Dexter
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    Kathy Mosher
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    Carlo Rocca
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    Melissa Prichett
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    Ginger Gregory
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    John and Carol Glaser
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    Peg Maddocks in honor of Gianna Peralta
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    Thomas Kennelly
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    Marty Flynn
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    Lynn Skillings
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    Denise Hall
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    Loreen and Roger Ruegg
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    Lenore Hirsch
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    Dotty Hopkins
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    Anne and Debbie Percelay
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    Julie Worthington
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    Janet Cannizzaro
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    Norma Beltrami
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    Steve and Heather Teague
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    Polly Webber
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    Michael Moffett
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    Debbie Re
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    Susan and Patrick McGrath
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    Jill Hancock
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    Hilary Zunin in honor of Speak with courage. Act with integrity. All else follows.
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    Ed Wheeler
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    Mary Ann Formosa
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    Virginia Means in honor of Michael G. Means
  72. Avatar
    Kate McKay in honor of the check was sent earlier this week by Janna Waldinger
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    Diane Flyr
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    Vicki Green, Ph.D.
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    Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth
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    Kathleen Stewart-Lightner
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    Leslie Erickson
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    David & Andrea Marquardt
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    Mary Jane Estes
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    Penelope A Pawl
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    Alan Atkinson
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    Ryan & Lisa Cole
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    borden wright
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    Mary Hamler
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    Karen Olson
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    Linda Jesmok
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    Jacqueline Jackson
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    Carol Nelsen
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    Janna Waldinger in honor of Pearl Glick
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    Joan Harrison
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    Karen Garcia
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    Sue Kesler in honor of Fred Kesler
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    Brianna Brockmeyer
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    Kirsty Cringan in honor of Cringan family
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    John Lansingh
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    Carol Ann Kuchmak
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    Sandra Sims
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