League of Women Voters Napa County

League of Women Voters Napa County

What We Do:

We make democracy work by providing voter and election education, and advocating for important community issues, often in partnership with coalitions or other nonprofits. During election years, we hold nonpartisan, bilingual candidate forums and pro/con programs on ballot propositions. We work with volunteers who register and educate voters, including high school/college students and seniors.

We advocate for governmental change on issues where the California or other US Leagues have developed policies through study and consensus. Current local League priorities include climate change, affordable housing and homelessness, and criminal justice. We have hosted/co-hosted programs on immigration, single-payer healthcare, watershed health, the electoral college, and women’s equality. We were involved with the 2020 census count and will be offering educational opportunities to learn about the importance of redistricting. We’ve developed online learning materials on voting and elections, made available to all high school students. There are many volunteer opportunities to help with voter service activities during election cycles

Other Ways to Help:

  • Help with high school and college preregistration/registration campaigns
  • Help at registration and voter education tables for seniors, at community events, and at League programs and forums
  • Translate materials into Spanish and Tagalog and act as translators at tables and events
  • Co-host and attend forums and programs
  • Help build coalitions and work together on solving community issues
  • Support the Napa, Bay Area, California, and national leagues, by joining our local LWVNC


Thanks to the LWVNC for holding an informative candidate forum. I continue to be impressed by the commitment the League of Women Voters has across the US, and with your nonpartisan involvement in the political process in Napa County.

~ A candidate in the 2020 election

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    Melinda Walker
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    Sally Buchanan
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    Anonymous in honor of 1) Horse Rescue: Ralph Lippert; 2) Teacher Resource: Glaudine Gasser; 3) League of Women: Josie Jenkins; 4) NVCD: for those like Betty White, Desmond Tutu, and all the volunteer warriors who have brought us laughter and prayer or have otherwise met our needs
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    Carlo Rocca
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    Robert Van Der Velde
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    Liz Russell
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    Patrick Kenealy
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    Nancy Moore in honor of family members
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    Jackie Jackson
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    Elizabeth Munk in honor of The Munk & Florence Family
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    Stacy and Adam Hersly
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    Sarah Kane in honor of Hilary Zunin
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    Bernie brooks in honor of Joe Orsini
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    Bernie brooks in honor of Joe Orsini
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    Kathy Mosher
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    Sandy Hausser
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    Francesca Kirkpatrick
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    elizabeth malmgren
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    David and Lana Stanley
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    Jessie Quigley in honor of all the volunteers who do the work of these charities.
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    Chip Bouril
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    David and Andrea Marquardt
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    Linda Dietiker-Yolo in honor of Support Group
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    Joyce Kingery
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    Karen Olson in honor of Laura Hill
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    Jennifer Baker
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    Carol Nelsen
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    Jeanne Moulton
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    Jeanne Moulton
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    Sharon Macklin
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    Anonymous in honor of Chip and MB
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    Anonymous in honor of Chip and MB
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    Robyn Orsini in honor of My late husband, Joe Orsini
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    Grania Lindberg
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    john swenson
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    Sheri Thomas Goetsch in honor of Voting Rights
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    Nancy FIREMAN in honor of the new and returning nonprofits. Good luck!
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    Kim Farmer
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