What We Do:

We provide a space for all young women in Napa to learn about and develop tools to navigate sensitive issues such as body image, relationships, and substance-use prevention strategies. With more than 90% of our participants identifying as Latinx, we appreciate the opportunity to provide them with this critical education.

Mariposa wants to build our youths’ confidence, and provide opportunities to validate their multiple cultural identities and experiences through art. Our ballet folklorico, “folkloric dance,” program brings professional dance instructors to teach youth traditional dances from Latin America. Students learn about historic North and Central America regions through costumed dances that reflect the traditions of indigenous cultures. Additionally, students perform and tell the stories behind the dances at community events. This project has been a staple in uniting Mariposa students and their families, and for providing opportunities that inspire them to be active leaders in their communities.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Become a volunteer co-facilitator
  • Be a guest speaker
  • Repost/share Mariposa social media content
  • Provide gift cards to fund group bonding activities
  • Provide in-kind donations of food for groups
  • Donate craft supplies

Business Partners:


Mariposa is a phenomenal support for our students. They explore how to use their voice and agency for positive change, both personally and in their communities. It provides a safe place for growth and connection.

~ Jessica Di Gregorio, Harvest Middle School Counselor

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    Melinda Walker
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    Cara Mae Wooledge in honor of Lois Wooledge
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    William Birmingham
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    Carlos Carranza in honor of The hard work done by the volunteers
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    frances knapczyk
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    Danielle Bryce
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    Bibiana Corona
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    Marcia Hadeler in honor of Hilary Zunin...who helped start this all!
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    Jeni Olsen
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    Clara Ramirez
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    Karen and Kyle Brocker
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    Liz Russell
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    Favian Cortez
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    Cintia Martinez
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    Kaylee Hardin
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    Esther Ochoa
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    Various Donors
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    Vanessa Rubio in honor of Paint Night
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    Joshua Schultz
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    Cory Roche
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    Sarah Vreeburg
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    Camille Gentry
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    Jackie Jackson
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    Julie McClure
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    Cinthya Cisneros in honor of La Cheve Bakery and Brews
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    Elizabeth Munk in honor of The Munk & Florence Family
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    Anonymous in honor of Donation from ZD Wines on behalf of Kendra Bruno
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    Stacy and Adam Hersly
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    Sarah Kane in honor of Hilary Zunin
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    Sharon Gocke
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    Anonymous in honor of The Hawker Family - Doug, Lauran, Morgan & Hannah
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    Gloria Castanon
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    katherine wade
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    Anonymous in honor of Volunteer - Cintia Martinez
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    Jessica Di Gregorio
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    Linda Jesmok
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    David and Andrea Marquardt
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    Norman Ernest Weir
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    Maria Cruz
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    Seana Wagner in honor of The wonderful staff who support Mariposa
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    Skip Keyser
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    Roxana Garcia-Ochoa in honor of Vanessa rubio
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    Amanda Garcia
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    Maricela Lopez
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    Sara Sitch
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    Diana Vazquez
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    Anonymous in honor of HMS
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    David Estes
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    Elayna Trucker
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    Anthony Apolloni
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    Stephanie Martinez in honor of Cintia Martínez
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    Sara Sitch
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    Barbara Thorsen in honor of The amazing Mariposa staff and volunteers who work with these wonderful students!
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    Liz Martinez in honor of Our family
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    Nancy FIREMAN in honor of the new and returning nonprofits. Good luck!
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