Molly’s Angels of Napa Valley

Molly’s Angels of Napa Valley

What They Do:

Recognize that senior transportation is critical to maintaining independence. Provide free door-to-door rides to medical and dental appointments in and out of Napa County for seniors who are unable to take public transportation and cannot afford taxi service. Make friendly calls each week to 65 isolated seniors.

Molly’s Angels partners with every senior service and health outlet in Napa County. This gives seniors the opportunity to remain in their homes longer, offering the chance to maintain independence and live with greater dignity. Last year Molly’s Angels’ volunteers donated thousands of hours of valuable time, providing more than 2,000 life-saving rides to individuals unable to use public transportation or taxi service. Other important services include friendly calls to isolated, lonely seniors which provide warm conversation and a wellness check.

Other Ways to Help:

There are many ways to help besides driving or telephoning. You can help by:

  • Assisting in the office with bulk mailings
  • Distributing flyers throughout the County
  • Working at fundraising events, set up/clean up
  • Obtaining silent auction items/ picking up items for events

Business Partners:

DTJBuildingLogoWe thank Downtown Joe’s for providing a special opportunity for donations made to Molly’s Angels through the Give!Guide.


Molly's Angels is THERE FOR US! The office staff is genuinely concerned with our needs and deliver patients respectfully and on time.

~ - Marianne Flynn-DeGoede, RN OCN, Cancer Center, Queen of the Valley

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    Joan Foresman
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    Robert and Carolyn Passmore
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    Janice Taylor
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    Greg McGrath
  6. Avatar
    Marilyn Betcher
  7. Avatar
    Caroline Templeton
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    Debra Greenstein
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    Susan Tough
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    Jane Zastrow
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    Nicole Pfister
  13. Avatar
    Sally Buchanan
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    Melinda Walker
  17. Avatar
    Diana Hartford
  18. Avatar
    Kathleen Montgomery in honor of 1) TRCNB's Dedicated Board of Directors and Amazing Volunteers and 2) NVCanDo's and NVGive!Guide's Remarkable Team of Volunteers
  19. Avatar
    Nancy Fireman in honor of hilary zunin and her tireless efforts to help others
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  22. Avatar
    Sandra and Dean Hansen
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  24. Avatar
    Carol Lilleberg in honor of Hope Lugo and Evie Trevethan
  25. Avatar
    carlo rocca
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    Anne S. Percelay
  27. Avatar
    Diane and Peter Dexter
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  29. Avatar
    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Miller
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  31. Avatar
    Dianne Snyder
  32. Avatar
    Don & Ellen Wulf
  33. Avatar
    Barbie Jamieson
  34. Avatar
    Jen Busta in honor of Albert Morgan and Kathy Gomez
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  36. Avatar
    Bonnie J. Myhre and Jeffrey P. Schaffer
  37. Avatar
    Julia Winiarski
  38. Avatar
    ZD Wines in honor of Barbie Jamieson
  39. Avatar
    ZD Wines in honor of Drew Tomasyan
  40. Avatar
    ZD Wines in honor of Greg Chouinard
  41. Avatar
    ZD Wines in honor of Leah Zanetell
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  43. Avatar
    glynda graves in honor of Doug and Nancy DeMerritt
  44. Avatar
    Julie Spencer in honor of Fran
  45. Avatar
    Sharyn Fuller in honor of the memory of Eleanor & Wesley Meyer
  46. Avatar
    Gerane W. Park
  47. Avatar
    Linda Wargo
  48. Avatar
    Hilary Zunin in honor of ...the CanDo Spirit as embodied in volunteers throughout our communities. It takes a Valley!
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    Andrea Marquardt
  50. Avatar
    Kathy Mosher
  51. Avatar
    Pamela Marietti
  52. Avatar
    Jo Ann MyersNicole in honor of Nicole Pfister
  53. Avatar
    Barbara McDonnell
  54. Avatar
    Sarah Galczynski
  55. Avatar
    Kenneth Davis in honor of Jean Davis
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  57. Avatar
    Raymond and Patricia Branstetter
  58. Avatar
    David and Sherlyn Zumwalt
  59. Avatar
    Anonymous in honor of the memory of Desmond Stewart
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    Grania Lindberg
  61. Avatar
    Sandra Aldrich
  62. Avatar
    Marcia Rashid in honor of Carole Negzger
  63. Avatar
    Lynnie Pelfini
  64. Avatar
    Barbara Stone
  65. Avatar
    Kelli Marchbanks
  66. Avatar
    allison saether
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  68. Avatar
  69. Avatar
    Ann Schwartz and Gina Kulik
  70. Avatar
    Rivka Livni
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  72. Avatar
    Mary & Michael Herzog
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    kate salenfriend
  74. Avatar
    Jessica Harcourt
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    Pat and Michael Voss
  76. Avatar
    Patricia Williams in honor of Samantha Williams
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    Markley Sutton, Ph.D.
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  79. Avatar
    Edward and Karen Kvidahl
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    David Busby
  82. Avatar
    kathy wade
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  84. Avatar
    Gillian Roberts
  85. Avatar
    Teresa Reynolds
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    Bill and Susie Ashby
  87. Avatar
    Deassa Binstock
  88. Avatar
    Duane McGrath
  89. Avatar
    Norma Beltrami
  90. Avatar
    Jim & Nancy Henry
  91. Avatar
    Melanie Oberting in honor of Friendship
  92. Avatar
    Stephen Gerstle
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  94. Avatar
    Margaret Barson
  95. Avatar
    Marilyn Soulsburg
  96. Avatar
    Nancy Kuhn
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  98. Avatar
    Janice Mathews
  99. Avatar
    Carol Nelsen
  100. Avatar
    Rose Hari
  101. Avatar
  102. Avatar
    Marjorie Hoyer Smith
  103. Avatar
    Judith Cahill-Bravo in honor of the memory of Arthur Bravo
  104. Avatar
    Jennnifer Lamb
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  106. Avatar
    Andy and Shelley Dowdle
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  108. Avatar
    Barbara Smith
  109. Avatar
    Sandra Sims
  110. Avatar
    Sandra Hausser
  111. Avatar
    Jacqueline Jackson
  112. Avatar
    Anonymous in honor of the memory of Isabelle Devean Berry
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  117. Avatar
    Heather Graves in honor of Irene
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    Val Murphy
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    Dorothy Hearn
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    Don Payne
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    John Lansingh
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    Mel Rosenberg
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    Anonymous in honor of Anonymous
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    Carol Glaser
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