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Moving Forward

What We Do:

We are a residential program offering transitional and independent-living support to post-secondary-school adults with developmental, learning and autism-spectrum disabilities. Our goal is to help each individual achieve the highest level of independence in their living situations, at work and in their social life.

Our residents range in age from 18-55. They vary in abilities from being able to live independently with partners/house mates, drive to and from work, care for their own pets and homes, to needing support with transportation, maintaining their homes, meal preparation, and having medications administered. We provide social skills classes and opportunities to learn and grow and travel together. We are very proud of our supported employment program where, at any one time, about half of our residents are competitively employed and the other half are in some stage of looking for work.

Other Ways to Help:

Spread the word about our program to family and friends near and far. We serve residents from around the country and love to get the word out to those who may benefit from our services. Finding the right community to live in that offers opportunities for friendship, jobs and socialization is the key to success and happiness for so many who are living isolated at home.


Being a part of MFTI has created a life of hope and unexplored potential for our daughter, allowing us as parents to celebrate and have peace of mind as she continues to grow and expand her independence.

~ MF Parent

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