Moving Forward

Moving Forward

What We Do:

We are a unique, lifelong residential program for adults with developmental, learning, and autism spectrum disabilities. We foster autonomy while building community. Our residential program helps residents achieve their highest level of independence as they practice life, job, and social skills in a safe and loving environment.

We equip residents with the tools and skills to become fully-realized, independent adults while they create their own community and build lifelong relationships. Social skills and job-readiness classes help residents learn how to navigate the world of work and avoid common roadblocks to success. They are trained to maintain a home and plan, shop for, and prepare meals for peers in creative dinner groups. We also offer weekly art and music classes and weekend outings.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Donate social media support
  • Donate staff training

Donations needed:

  • Art supplies


Within the first year at Moving Forward, our daughter became more confident, outgoing, and communicative. MFTI deserves all the support it can receive to continue this innovative and beneficial program for the Special Needs adults in our community.

~ Pat and Linda Pingitore. Parents of a Moving Forward Resident

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    Joan Foresman
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    Stacie Forsythe
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    frances knapczyk
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    Katy Howard
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    Bruce and Carole Heid
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    Melinda Walker
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    Elizabeth Munk in honor of John Forster
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    Ellen Wulf in honor of In Memory of Don Wulf
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    Diane & Peter Dexter
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    John and Carol Glaser
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    Caroline Templeton in honor of Chris and Betsy Templeton; Karen and Dave Bohrk; David and Lynn Templeton; Mac Templeton, Kate Templeton; Penelope Templeton; Fae Templeton; Ian Reis; Eric Reis
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    Mary Herzog
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    Daphne O'Regan in honor of Jonathan Walton
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