Napa County RCD

Napa County RCD

What We Do:

Help our community care for land, water, soil, and wildlife. Support resiliency of and connections between agriculture, urban living, and wild spaces. Promote cooperation, sound science, and youth engagement as key ways to improve the health and beauty of our watersheds for future generations.

We are celebrating 75 years of helping our community conserve, protect, and restore natural resources. Clean water, fire-resilient forests, and thriving people and wildlife are what we are after.

We provide community and youth education; one-on-one help for land managers; real-world demonstrations of sustainable practices; and watershed monitoring. Your investment will help us provide more programs for the whole family; plant more native trees and plants; clean up more trash from our streams; better prepare our farmers for a changing climate; improve the health of our forests and prevent catastrophic wildfires; and much more!

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Events: Earth Day Clean-up; Coastal Clean-up Day; Martin Luther King Day at our demonstration vineyard; and Oak maintenance and planting days
  • Collect native oak acorns in fall
  • Summer internships
  • Fish trap data collection
  • Clean-up data processing
  • Keep an eye on trash in our environment, and notify us of problems
  • Notify us if you see salmon or steelhead in the Napa River

Business Partners:

  Monkey Flower Group will provide ALL DONORS to RCD through CanDo’s Give!Guide a bud vase arrangement. Donors of $50 or more receive 5 small bud vase arrangements.


Thanks to the RCD, I've developed a passion for nature and helping the environment, and confidence in myself. Helping you mulch oak trees and teach kids about water pollution are experiences I won't forget.

~ TL, Student

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    Elizabeth Parr
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    Anonymous in honor of Napa County Master Gardeners
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    Sue Hepple
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    Vicki Green, Ph.D.
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