Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation

Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation

What We Do:

Support and promote Napa Valley’s vineyard workers through education and professional development. Reach over 3,000 farmworkers and their family members each year, providing top quality educational programs, leadership and management courses, Día de la Familia, summer mentor programs, vocational apprenticeship programs, advanced viticulture seminars, and more.

The Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation is the first of its kind in the United States. It was founded on the principle that education is the key to success:  it is limitless; provides a high return on investment; and once attained, education can never be taken away.

Our groundbreaking work has provided more than 18,000 farmworkers and their family members with high-quality education, leadership, and professional development programs. By investing in individuals, we’re giving people the tools they need for professional growth and personal success.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Help at various annual events, including the Napa County Pruning Contest, Día de la Familia, Leadership & Management Best Practices Program, and ROOTSTOCK.
  • Provide English-Spanish translation services.
  • Help distribute promotional event flyers and materials around the community.
  • Invite us to present our organization to your audience.
  • Raise awareness and promote the efforts of the Foundation to family, friends, colleagues and others in the community via social media.


It seems like a long time ago I started this program, but here I am graduating. Through these classes I have become more confident in my English speaking and writing skills. I’m proud of myself.

~ Jesus Gamez, Advanced English Literacy Program graduate

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