Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition

Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition

What They Do:

Lead the effort to design, fund, construct, and maintain a 47-mile family-friendly walking and biking trail from Vallejo’s Ferry to Calistoga. When complete, 85% of county residents will live within 10 minutes of the Trail. The NVVTC integrates art, culture, education, and health into the trail design and programming.

The Vine Trail follows the proven model that a safe, free, easy-access trail system can have an immediate positive impact on the community. Our completed trail will improve the well-being and safety of residents while measurably benefiting the economy.

Napa County has one of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the Bay Area. Studies show even moderate increases in physical activity reduce stress and the risk of many serious health issues.

The Vine Trail will connect Napa Valley communities, providing a car-free alternative for commuting and recreation, while reducing traffic congestion and significantly lowering our carbon footprint

Other Ways to Help:


  • Become a Trail Ambassador. Help the Vine Trail engage with the community at events and walk/bike activities on the trail. Talk to people and share your passion for the Vine Trail to encourage further support.
  • Join the Green Team. Assist with habitat restoration, trail clean-up, tree-planting, and more. We have four planned trail work days:¬† MLK Day in February, National Trails Day in June, River and Beach Cleanup day in September, and The Vine Trail Birthday in October. Join us if you like to get your hands dirty!

Business Partners:

 Rabobank is supportive of the Napa Valley Vine Trail and is offering to match donations up to $1,000 made through the Give!Guide.


The Vine Trail is a marvelous and safe way to commute, promote healthier living and encourage families to spend time together outdoors. Their Outdoor Classroom lesson plans for school children are amazing!

~ Kimberly Meredith, St. Helena Hospital

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