Napa Valley Youth Symphony

Napa Valley Youth Symphony

What We Do:

Provide a rich musical education for more than 80 young musicians. Our students receive coaching from professional musicians and exciting and unique opportunities to play original scores of musical greats from Mozart to Gershwin, with a dash of Queen, Brubeck, and Sondheim thrown in for fun. Opportunities to tour abroad.

Since our inception in 2003, NVYS has developed young musicians (8 – 18 years old) in our four ensembles. Weekly rehearsals feature small group coaching by professional musicians. Our work with students goes far beyond music education, as we engage our students in leadership development, team building, and striving for excellence. Our advanced orchestra tours biennially (New York, Boston, Ireland, UK, Austria, Czech Republic). Students play in the great halls of the US and abroad while broadening their understanding of culture. Donations support tuition/lesson scholarships for students in need and our annual retreat to Camp Cazadero Music Camp.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Help at a NVYS concert at the Lincoln Theater and attend the concert for free.
  • Attend a NVYS concert to support and encourage our young musicians. You will be dazzled!
  • Volunteer your services as a graphic designer or social media coordinator.

Donations needed:

  • Donate auction items (wine, massage gift certificates, special experiences) or sponsor our Red Gala annual fundraiser.


NVYS and music have taught me that taking things slow, note by note, and by being persistent I can do anything I want to.

~ Christina Cho, Former NVYS concertmaster, current senior at Bates College, Maine

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    Elizabeth Munk A Cut Above Viticulture Service in honor of The Great Work of CanDo's Give!Guide Napa Valley
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    Richard Beller
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    Richard Pool in honor of Spencer Pool
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    Katy Howard
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    Anonymous in honor of Sadie Carpenter
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    Jeff & Elaine Siefert
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    Anonymous in honor of Luisa Ortega
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    Barbie Jamieson
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    Teresita Dejillas in honor of Sherane Negre
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    Jo J. Dejillas in honor of Sherane Negre
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    Anonymous in honor of Sherane Negre
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    Betty Jake in honor of Joan Dunbar
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    Joan Foresman
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    James and Suzanne Bronk
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    carlo rocca
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    Anonymous in honor of 4kyle
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    Mark Anisman
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    Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
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    Wanda Miller
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    Napa General Store Employees
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    Bridget Stewart
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    Katie Pogue in honor of Lindsey & Shawna Pogue, Carl Lynch, Dennis Gonzalez
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    ZD Wines on behalf of Barbie Jamieson
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    Anonymous in honor of Sherane Negre
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    Julie Worthington
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    Jacqueline Jackson
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    Sharyn Fuller
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    Hilary Zunin in honor of all those who reach out to help one another.
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    Patrick Kenealy
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    Grania Lindberg
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    Cobus Theunissen in honor of Daniel Theunissen
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    Michael Borck
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    Carol Besana in honor of Alitza Truong
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    Heather & Steve Teague
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    Teale Marie Memorial/ Jeanine Poole in honor of Teale Marie
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    Karen Olson
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    Emily Schmidt
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    Penelope A Pawl
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    Anonymous in honor of Sherane Negre
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    David Bantly
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    Charlene Steen in honor of Earmarked for the Youth Ensemble
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    Kathleen Cyrot in honor of Daniel Theunissen
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    Anonymous in honor of Kyle groves
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    Patty DesForges in honor of Katie Haubold
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    Anonymous in honor of Jasmin & Jianne Cruz
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    Anonymous in honor of Sophia Haggard
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    Lisa van Stuijvenberg in honor of Jasperina
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    Anonymous in honor of Kyle groves
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    Ann Chang
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    Tracey Nauright in honor of Lily Nauright
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    Maria Beltran in honor of Alitza Truong
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    Suzanne Rayner in honor of Ida Killebrew
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    Amy Smith in honor of Sam Smith
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    Kim Hester Williams in honor of Alanna Williams
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    Kevin Hansen
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    Carol Glaser
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    Patricia & Patrick Page in honor of Jessica Keane
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    david simundson
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    Lisa Burke in honor of Jacob Butler
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    Carol Beazley in honor of Katie Haubold (NVYS)
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    Christina Chun
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    Melanie Olson in honor of Jacob Butler
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    james bui in honor of Julia
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    Adrienne Brooks in honor of Katie Haubold
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