What We Do:

NapaLearns is a catalyst for innovation in Napa County schools, transforming teaching practices by using technology so that all students have opportunities for success in college and career. The NapaLearns Fellows program has graduated over 170 teachers with master’s degrees in Innovative Learning, teachers who are successfully engaging their students thourgh distance learning.

With the Napa County unemployment rate at 14%, we invested in helping high school students and under-employed adults fast-track their learning to become competent in high-demand technical careers. With 100 students, the NapaLearns Virtual Career Academy helps students achieve certifications from Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco and Google.

We also believe that to create transformative change, you need to invest in teachers. In addition to providing scholarships for teachers to earn their master’s degrees, we fund teacher-coaches to improve math instruction, and we equip teachers with the key digital tools and approaches they need so students are successful in online classrooms.

Other Ways to Help:

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Business Partners:

  The Bank of Marin will match $500 in donations to NapaLearns through CanDo’s Give!Guide.


Technology fuels our economy. We need a workforce to build apps, market products, and manage businesses through IT tools. The NapaLearns Virtual Career Academy helps meet these needs.

~ Chuck McMinn, Board Chair, NapaLearns

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