What We Do:

Encourage and empower victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse; give them the strength and hope to lift themselves and their children into a healing and safe environment. Bring respect, understanding, and resources to survivors. Foster kindness and support from the community to help create peaceful homes and healthy neighborhoods.

Services include an emergency shelter home, 24-hour helpline, court advocacy, support groups, transitional housing, community education, and programs for children exposed to domestic violence.

All services are free, bilingual, confidential, and open to everyone: men, women, children, and LGBTQ, regardless of immigration status.

Other Ways to Help:

Donations sought:  For our clients who are moving into their own homes and starting over, there are many basic needs:

  • Kitchen
    flatware, plates, pots/pans, sheet pans, dish towels, plastic containers, canisters, mixing bowls, paper products, measuring cups/spoons, cooking tools
  • Small Appliances
    coffee pot, toaster, blender, microwave, etc.
  • Bed/Bath
    beds, sheets, pillows. blankets, drawers, bedside tables, rugs, lamps, towels, toiletries, shower curtains


Every person that I’ve met at NEWS had the same warmth. They’re so respectful. Especially coming out of a situation like that, you are so disrespected. They just give you such dignity and they care.

~ Paula W., victim of domestic violence

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    Elizabeth Munk A Cut Above Viticulture Service in honor of The Great Work of CanDo's Give!Guide Napa Valley
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    Bruna Nieri
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    Patricia McCart
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    Margaret Hendricks
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    Nadia Valenzuela in honor of Daniel Chua & Laureen Romero-Chua thank you for purchasing your home with me!
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    Julia Winiarski
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    Colleen Chappellet in honor of "If Given A Chance" is in honor of Kelli Watkins, who ceaselessly gives of herself to our youth
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    Susan Duke
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    Cory Roche
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    Jeff & Elaine Siefert
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    janice Taylor
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    Melinda Walker
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    allison saether
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    Elena Brynildson
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    Joan Burrell
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    Lynn Skillings
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    Patricia Countrywood
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    Jeanie Whelan
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    Jane Zastrow
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    Barbie Jamieson
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    Bruce and Carole Heid
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    Marilyn Betcher
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    Jeannie Tomei-Dini in honor of Jerry and Emilia Morgan
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    Joan Harris
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    Joan Foresman
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    James and Suzanne Bronk
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    Jill Hancock in honor of Quinlan and Larkin Dulaney
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    Anne Garner
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    Anonymous in honor of Lawrence R Barker
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    Shelly Hanan
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    Ellen Wulf in honor of Memory of Don Wulf
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    Lee Morhar
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    Donna Altes in honor of ellen gregory
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    Claudia Colantuoni in honor of Wanda Bardenett
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    Jeff Mays
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    Napa General Store Employees
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    John Thorngate
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    Heli Sairanen Kangas
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    Anne and Debbie Percelay
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    Lynnie Pelfini
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    Alicia Amaro in honor of Maria Montez
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    DEBRA RE in honor of Karen & Larry Johnson
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    Bill and Susie Ashby
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    Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth
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    Dave and Sherlyn Zumwalt
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    William Mink
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    David and Lana Stanley
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    ZD Wines on behalf of Nicoletta Geyer
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    Judith Rose in honor of Nora Rose-Hines
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    Heidi Hamler
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    Julie Worthington
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    Tamara Sullivan in honor of Jackie and Richard Derwingson
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    Jessica Harcourt
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    Jacqueline Jackson
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    Stephanie Turnipseed
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    Lora Engle
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    Cindy W.
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    Sharyn Fuller
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    Julie Schmidt
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    Barbara Stone
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    Grania Lindberg
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    David Layland
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    Linda Dietiker-Yolo
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    Mark Andersen
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    Heather & Steve Teague
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    Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Amy Deveau Berry
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    Margret Smetana
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    Judith Cahill Bravo in honor of Arthur F. Bravo
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    Marilyn OConnell
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    katherine wade
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    Stacie Forsythe
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    Joe& Diana Wilcox
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    borden wright
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    Mary & Michael Herzog
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    Robin Sisemore
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    Ann Schwartz
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    David Bantly
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    Carol Ann Kuchmak
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    Ginger Gregory
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    Mark Freund
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    Paula Brutocao
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    Betty Malmgren
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    Gail Lansingh
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    Linda Jesmok
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    Janet Cannizzaro
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    Mary Taylor
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    Hilary Zunin in honor of all those with the CanDo Spirit!
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    Vicki Green, Ph.D.
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    Grady Sibert
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    Debby Escareno in honor of Our grandchildren
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    Lisa McWilliams
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    Paul Reiser
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    Danielle Schmitz
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    Leslie Rota
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    John Lansingh
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    Grady Sibert
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    Mary Makowski
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    Kerry Burrows
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    Heather Piazza
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    Sandra Sims
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    Lance Spears
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    Wendi Piscia
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    Grady Sibert
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