What They Do:

Encourage and empower victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Give them the strength and hope to lift themselves and their children into a healing and safe environment. Bring respect, understanding, and resources to survivors. Foster kindness and support from the community to help create peaceful homes and healthy neighborhoods.

Services include an emergency shelter home, 24-hour helpline, court advocacy, support groups, transitional housing, community education, and programs for children exposed to domestic.

All services are free, bilingual, confidential and open to everyone.

Other Ways to Help:

For our clients who are moving into their own homes and starting over, there are many basic needs:

  • Kitchen
    flatware, plates, pots/pans, sheet pans, dish towels, plastic containers, canisters, mixing bowls, paper products, measuring cups/spoons, cooking tools
  • Small Appliances
    coffee pot, toaster, blender, microwave, etc.
  • Bed/Bath
    beds, sheets, pillows. blankets, drawers, bedside tables, rugs, lamps, towels, toiletries, shower curtains


NEWS works with over 30 local landlords. These relationships have been critical in helping some of our most vulnerable families find a safe and secure home.

~ Michelle S., NEWS Self-Sufficiency & Housing Program Assistant

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