Our Town St. Helena

Our Town St. Helena

What We Do:

We create housing opportunities by providing rental units and home homeownership for unskilled, skilled, professional workers and seniors who are vital to our community yet can’t afford to live here. Our goal is to maintain a diverse, vibrant community that balances tourism with quality of life for local residents.

Our community needs a balance of housing types to thrive both socially and economically. Local housing helps families and businesses and reduces traffic congestion.

The median price for a house in St. Helena is more than $1.4 million, yet the average income is $87,800. Under OTSH’s guidance, eight income-qualified families are building their own homes at Brenkle Court. We are also building five units of family workforce rentals on Pope Street. With the City of St. Helena and concerned citizens, we are working to identify, preserve and/or build additional projects.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Volunteer to help Brenkle Court families on any Saturday or Sunday, weather permitting. No construction experience necessary. Contact projectmanager@ourtownsthelena.org
  • Donate gift cards for Steve’s Hardware, Central Valley Building Supply or Home Depot


I have lived and worked in St. Helena since 1982. Building my own house here is a dream come true! Thanks to Our Town St. Helena for making this possible.

~ Bertha Delgadillo, Brenkle Court resident

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