What We Do:

Equip families struggling to care for their child with special needs with the necessary emotional support, system navigation assistance, skills and tools so that the whole family thrives. Comprehensive services include one-on-one mentorship, parenting education, expert workshops, developmental screenings, monthly support groups, and social and recreational events for families.

ParentsCAN works with parents when challenges arise in their child’s education, health, behavior, or development. Many families served find that their child’s challenges can be quickly addressed. For children with a challenge that rises to the level of a special need, ParentsCAN offers more. It is the only family resource center in Napa County providing services and support free of charge to more than 1,200 families with children of all ages (birth to 26) and disabilities (physical, cognitive, behavioral and emotional).

Parents and caregivers who have a concern about their child are invited to contact us. We are here to help.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • your time and talent

Donations needed:

  • infant formula
  • baby and children diapers (please, no adult diapers)
  • diaper wipes
  • gift cards for Walmart, Target, Home Depot
  • prepaid cards from credit card companies such as Visa and Mastercard
  • gift cards/certificates to local restaurants
  • gas cards


Knowledge is power. And I know ParentsCAN helps parents to become powerful.

~ Carmen, client

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    Elizabeth Munk A Cut Above Viticulture Service in honor of The Great Work of CanDo's Give!Guide Napa Valley
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    Anonymous in honor of Katie Reimers (Canine Guardians)
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    Jeff & Elaine Siefert
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    James and Suzanne Bronk
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    Melanie Johnson
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    Shelly Hanan
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    Marc Berman
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    Napa General Store Employees
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    Wendy Cole
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    Anne and Debbie Percelay
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    Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth
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    Judith Rose in honor of Nora Rose-Hines
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    ZD Wines on behalf of Jill Billeci
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    Jacqueline Jackson
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    Sharyn Fuller
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    Karen Garcia in honor of My friends who don't need any more physical "stuff!"
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    Carrie & Curtis Strohl
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