Serenity Homes of Napa Valley

Serenity Homes of Napa Valley

What We Do:

A Sober Living Home environment located in the city of Napa. We create paths and opportunities for those seeking greater self-sufficiency, independence, and dignity, by providing a safe, structured 12-Step based living environment. Having a supportive living environment is key to achieving a stable and committed recovery from substance abuse.

Several thousand chemically dependent adults have attained sobriety during our past 25 years. When someone realizes substance abuse can no longer be part of their life, they need a longer time to adjust than a 30-day or 90-day rehab. Relapse is common if they return to the same environment lived in before treatment. It takes time for the body to chemically adjust to the lack of harmful substances and for the mind to replace old habits with healthy routines. Recuperation requires a safe, supportive and drug/alcohol free environment. The journey to sobriety is not easy but attainable.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Gift Cards for our Residents
  • Volunteer Time and Material for home repairs (bathroom in need of repair)
  • We need a Financial/Real Estate Broker Volunteer as an advisor to our Board with Non-Profit Experience
  • A volunteer for marketing media


I am now the Intake Coordinator/Assistant Director for Serenity Homes They guided me to 5 years clean living, and I'm still counting I live with my family now . I'm deeply grateful to Serenity Homes!

~ Steve S

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    Lynn Skillings
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    Anonymous in honor of Those fighting for Sobriety
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    Joan Foresman
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    Peggy Smith
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    Patricia Shinder in honor of Todd Shinder
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    Diane and Peter Dexter
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    Angie Moon in honor of Leslie E. Wright (father)
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    Debbie Cunningham in honor of Lauren R. Zanardi/The Cunningham and Zanardi Families
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    Julia Winiarski in honor of Barbara Winiarski and Hilary Zunin
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    Jackie Jackson
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    Ellen Wulf
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    Mel Tearle in honor of Donna Helter
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    Francesca Kirkpatrick
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    Pam Marietti in honor of The RATS: Camille, Alicia, Tara, Brent, Jennifer, Christine & Selena
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    Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
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    Kasandra and Greg Weinerth
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