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What We Do:

We strive to keep people out of hospitals and nursing homes by ensuring safety at home, first. The right environment can reduce falls, bring in assistance before a crisis, and make life better. We offer clients home safety assessments, modifications, and connections to resources for living safely at home as they age, or with disability.

We advise and advocate so resources are accessed, problems are solved and funds are allocated for health, well-being, and quality of life.

Services may include home safety assessments and modifications, and connections to resources, so people can live safely at home as they age, or with disability. We work with families in advocating for care.

We provide dental funding for low-income residents; install grab bars, rails, and ramps; provide supplies; and reuse/recycle medical equipment and home health supplies to keep quality goods out of landfills. Assistance can be available immediately, if necessary, thanks to our extensive network of community resources.

Other Ways to Help:

Donations needed:

  • Adult diapers, wipes, and underpads
  • Gloves and masks
  • Hospital beds
  • Wheelchairs
  • Household items


I am proud to be part of a team that has helped thousands of people throughout Napa Valley in the past six years.

~ Mary Ann Formosa, Board of Directors

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    Cheri and Jeff Tillotson
  2. Avatar
    Joan Foresman
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    Robert Nations
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  8. Avatar
    Nadia Valenzuela
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    Greg McGrath
  10. Avatar
    Elizabeth Munk in honor of John Forster
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    Cathy Felipe
  14. Avatar
    Alison Rodriguez in honor of Mingo Rodriguez, Sharon and David Crary
  15. Avatar
    Sherry Fournier
  16. Avatar
    Julia Winiarski
  17. Avatar
    Allie Pittenger
  18. Avatar
    Diane & Peter Dexter
  19. Avatar
    Kathy Mosher
  20. Avatar
    Lotte Cosca
  21. Avatar
    Wendy Pomerantz
  22. Avatar
    Hilary Zunin in honor of All those who put their good intentions into action.
  23. Avatar
    Susan and Alan Tough/ Arnopole in honor of Joyce and Jack Tough
  24. Avatar
    katherine wade
  25. Avatar
    Olivia Ervin
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  27. Avatar
  28. Avatar
    Sharyn Fuller
  29. Avatar
    Anne and Debbie Percelay
  30. Avatar
    Lori Bitter
  31. Avatar
    Sherri and Eric Fidel
  32. Avatar
    Steve and Heather Teague
  33. Avatar
    Suzanne Meigs
  34. Avatar
    Patty McCart
  35. Avatar
  36. Avatar
    Sandy Curtis
  37. Avatar
  38. Avatar
    Bruce De Bell
  39. Avatar
    Judith Cahill Bravo in honor of CanDo and the fabulous work of the community of Napa!
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    Jill Hancock
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  42. Avatar
    Elaine LaFontaine
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  44. Avatar
    Amy Garden
  45. Avatar
    John & Becky Givens
  46. Avatar
    David & Andrea Marquardt
  47. Avatar
    Gina Kramer in honor of Suzanne & Terry McCardle
  48. Avatar
    Robert and Christine Ackley
  49. Avatar
    Christine Cole
  50. Avatar
    Gillian Roberts
  51. Avatar
    Laura Vaughan
  52. Avatar
    Jennifer Goodeich
  53. Avatar
    Allison de Lorimier
  54. Avatar
    Nancy Kuhn
  55. Avatar
    David Freed
  56. Avatar
    Peggy Dvorak in honor of Our Community
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    Billie Hewitt
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    John Lansingh
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