Share the Care

Share the Care

What We Do:

Bring light to life by connecting volunteers with older adults! We assess, investigate, find, and deliver what is needed to make life better. Growing old in the Napa Valley can be tough; we solve problems that come from loneliness, isolation, poverty, abandonment, and illness.

We advocate, provide information, resources and referrals. We also provide free medical equipment and home health supplies with our recycling and exchange program, dental care funding, friendly visitors, rides,  home and well-being assessments, care management, help with paperwork, and crisis management.

We exist to build relationships and connections with Napa County’s older population. Our hearts meet theirs, and the trust that grows opens possibilities for a life with quality, meaning, and purpose. Volunteers do what people need to be alive, cared for, and connected.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • be a friendly visitor
  • provide office support
  • donation distribution
  • pickup and delivery of large items
  • hearing aid drop off

Business Partners:

Tom MacDonald, Reverse Mortgage Consultant, will match donations up to $1000 made to Share the Care through the Give!Guide.

Senior Helpers will match all donations submitted on Wednesday, December 4.

Liz Kirkaldie of Berkshire Hathaway Realty will donate $500.00.


For a year, I visited Rose every week. We talked, ate ice cream, and reminisced about old Napa. We became friends; I know that it made both our lives better.

~ Angela Peatman, volunteer

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    Elizabeth Munk A Cut Above Viticulture Service in honor of The Great Work of CanDo's Give!Guide Napa Valley
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    Bruna Nieri
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    Patricia McCart
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    Margaret Hendricks
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    Rende Lazure
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    Elaine LaFontaine
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    Julia Winiarski
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    Pamela Marietti
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    Susan Duke
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    Lynn Skillings
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    Paula Belden
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    Marilyn Betcher
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    Harriet Spitz
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    Linda Leonard in honor of All the volunteers that make organizations happen!
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    Joan Foresman
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    Carol Nelsen
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    Julie Spencer
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    Ellen Wulf in honor of Memory of Don Wulf
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    Kathy Mosher in honor of Yvonne
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    Wendy Cole
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    Anne and Debbie Percelay
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    Tom MacDonald in honor of Yvonne Baginski
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    Senior Helpers NorthBay in honor of Matching Funds
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    Cheri and Jeff Tillotson
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    Markley Sutton
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    David Freed
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    Jessica Harcourt
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    Jacqueline Jackson
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    Stephanie Turnipseed
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    Sharyn Fuller
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    Hilary Zunin in honor of all those who reach out to help one another.
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    Rebecca & Maurice Gunderson
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    Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Amy Deveau Berry
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    Gillian Roberts
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    Warren Nelson in honor of Marta Amaton
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    Anonymous in honor of solidarity.. it is precious
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    Fran Rosenberg
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    Judith Cahill Bravo in honor of Arthur F. Bravo
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    Marta Amaton in honor of Share The Care
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    Michelle Cherry
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    Emily Schmidt
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    Angela Peatman
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    katherine wade
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    Peggy McConnell
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    Mark and Peggy Dvorak
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    Mary & Michael Herzog
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    Harriet Lehman
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    Ann Schwartz
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    Virginia Means in honor of Michael G. Means
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    Valerie Cameron in honor of All Seniors and Veterans
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    Betty Malmgren
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    Mary Ann Formosa
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    Sarah Aguilar
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    Teresa Reynolds in honor of Joe, Carol & Amy Reynolds
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    Jimmy Atkinson
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    Shirley Payne
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    Heather Graves
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    Kerry Burrows
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