St. Helena PreSchool For All

St. Helena PreSchool For All

What They Do:

Help three and four-year-old children in St. Helena succeed by providing opportunities to experience preschool before entering kindergarten. Offer scholarships for under-served children to attend local preschools. Parents attend monthly classes to develop a better relationship with and understanding of their child and the importance of preschool.

St. Helena Preschool for All focuses on reducing the number of children entering kindergarten without preschool. Students with at least one year of preschool have a three to four-month advantage over kindergarten students without preschool.

Children need early childhood experiences that foster their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development to provide the foundation and love of learning necessary for future success. Partnering local preschools include: Little Backpacks Preschool, St. Helena Cooperative Nursery School, Sun & Stars Montessori, Wee Care, and Mila’s Family Daycare.

To more deeply appreciate the importance of preschool in their child’s future, parents attend monthly educational meetings and classes.

Other Ways to Help:

We would like our families to have more opportunities to be involved in community events during the year.

To assist in that effort, we invite supporters in the community to provide opportunities for local preschoolers and their families to some of the wonders of the Valley by sharing:

  • tickets to local community events
  • access to educational programs and events (camps, classes, summer activities)


SHPA provides opportunities for all families in St. Helena to have their children better prepared for the future. We are fortunate in St. Helena to have a successful and collaborative working relationship between the organization and our local preschools.

~ Dr. Marylou Wilson, SHUSD Superintendent

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