St. Vincent de Paul, Napa

St. Vincent de Paul, Napa

What We Do:

We help local residents avoid hunger, avoid loss of essential services, and avoid eviction. Our children, families and seniors need basic, healthy living conditions; they need water, electricity, heat, food and a roof over their heads. We meet one-on-one with Napa residents, providing food boxes and food vouchers, eviction and utility assistance, extending a hand-up, not a hand-out. No delays, no applications required. Between the pandemic, an unstable rental market, and rising cost of living, our services are needed now more than ever.

A one-size-fits-all isn’t always the right approach. The food vouchers we provide give clients the ability to choose which household items are important to them; utility and eviction assistance helps them get back on their feet. Since 1940, our mission continues to build positive change with food or financial help, via direct person-to-person visits, regardless of creed, gender, age, culture, color or circumstance.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Interpreter
  • Phone call assistance
  • Food box loading and delivery
  • Donations of gas cards and grocery gift cards


When the home visitor came to see me, I did not feel intimidated. I was comfortable and we had a conversation rather than an interview. They treated me like a friend.

~ Ana, SVDP Recipient

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    Melinda Walker
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    Mary Jane Estes
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    Marcia Hadeler in honor of Hilary Zunin...who helped start this all!
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    Elizabeth Munk in honor of The Florence & Munk Family
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    Lynne Baker in honor of The wonderful SVDP volunteers
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