Teacher Resource Center of the North Bay

Teacher Resource Center of the North Bay

What We Do:

Our mission is to ensure that all public school students in the Napa Valley have materials needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond. This levels the playing field for all students and increases self-esteem while improving students’ learning experiences. Our efforts also reduce teachers’ out-of-pocket personal spending.

Due to Covid19, our teacher shopping facility is closed this semester. Since students are learning at home remotely, our current goal is to make sure students have the supplies they need to work efficiently and effectively at home.

TRCNB is delivering over 500 bags filled with school supplies to the Free and Reduced Lunch distribution centers at various campuses. Parents/guardians will have the option to take a bag of supplies if needed at home. With our budget slashed due to fundraising campaigns being canceled during 2020, TRCNB is depending on cash contributions and generous in-kind donations during back-to-school sales.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Unpacking, stocking, inventory
  • Assisting teachers while they shop
  • Computer savvy volunteer (typing, filing, etc.)
  • Folks with pickups trucks: deliver supplies throughout Napa County
  • Folks to become Project Managers for various seasonal or ongoing projects

Business Partners:

  Stacy and Adam Hersly will donate a 3-pack of cab, pinot and rosé to the first two donations of $250 each to TRCNB through CanDo’s Give!Guide.


It takes a village to raise a child, and your collaboration is invaluable.

~ Melissa D., teacher

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