The Salvation Army of Napa Valley

The Salvation Army of Napa Valley

What We Do:

We stand beside residents of Napa County providing a food pantry and daily free meal to address food insecurity. The need has never been greater. Due to additional pressures from COVID-19 and wildfires, we served over 130,000 meals served between March and late-October. We also support families through spiritual programs, recovery support, camping, back-to-school and Christmas resources.

The Salvation Army has served Napa County since 1884, and in those 136 years of service our programs and services have adapted to meet the changing needs of local people.

In this spirit of adaptability, we operate The Napa Valley Culinary Training Academy, providing workforce development opportunities through our culinary training program for those who have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness, or incarceration. Through training, housing and apprenticeship, we bring people full circle into a fresh start on a new life.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Target or Walmart gift cards for distribution during our Christmas distribution in lieu of toys due to Covid-19 restrictions
  • Grocery store gift cards
  • Restaurant gift cards for disaster evacuees and stranded travelers
  • Gas gift cards for culinary students applying for their first industry jobs
  • New twinXL bedding and new bath towels for incoming culinary students as they arrive in student housing, theirs to keep when they leave
  • Culinary industry partners willing to hire and train our graduates
  • Men’s mountain bikes for student transportation


Today I’m grateful for all the alcohol-induced black outs, crashed cars, broken promises and mangled relationships because it brought me right here where my new life begins.

~ Danielle G., NVCTA graduate session 6

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