The School Garden Doctor

The School Garden Doctor

What We Do:

We strive to empower teachers, schools, and communities to grow school gardens. We believe all children deserve verdant and vibrant outdoor spaces to engage in authentic science learning, practice mindful habits, and become environmental stewards. Our grassroots approach seeks to eliminate barriers to outdoor education on public school campuses. We provide direct services to schools and communities through program partnerships and grant collaborations.

Since 2018, we have reached dozens of teachers through the School Garden Learning Network, a dedicated collective that embraces the power of school gardens to foster curiosity, promote wellness, and connect kids with food. We’ve collaborated with several organizations to further our mission, including CanDo (The Z Project), ACCPF (Youth Birding Events), NCOE (Farm-to-School Grant Implementation), CRC (Stone Soup Book & Seed Distribution).

When supported by the entire school community, gardens also beautify campuses, increase their environmental value and make them safer and more inviting to all families. One program is “Dirt Girls,” which promotes equity in STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) through plant-forward education

Other Ways to Help:

Advocate for School Gardens!

  • Write a letter to a Board of Education Trustee for your area
  • Encourage a local school to enhance outdoor learning spaces

Volunteer with our organization!

  • Join our Board to help guide our strategic planning process
  • Attend a networking or fundraising event
  • Adopt a school garden educator
  • Help install irrigation at a site
  • Solicit in-kind donations from local businesses

Donate to a school!

  • Gently used tools (especially kid-sized trowels)
  • Seed packets, seedlings/plant starts
  • Garden supplies such as plant labels
  • Gift cards to local nurseries


My daughter was captivated by the Dirt Girls program, falling in love with all the plants she learned to cultivate. Because of the spark ignited in her, she dreams of being a naturalist one day!

~ Jennifer LaMonte, Parent of a Dirt Girl & a High School English Teacher

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