We Care Animal Rescue

We Care Animal Rescue

What We Do:

Provide shelter, sanctuary, medical care, loving support, and socialization for homeless, elderly, and special needs animals. Every animal in our unique, no-kill, free-roaming shelter is promised a forever home, whether with us in our sanctuary or through adoption. We also provide assistance for cat owners and feral caretakers.

Visit our special shelter and you will see the cats are content, cared for, and calm. They all have a safe haven with us for the remainder of their lives but are also available for adoption.

At any one time, We Care is home to 200 cats. We take in and adopt out an average of 60 cats per year. Two dogs also live with us in sanctuary. In addition, we provide our community with resources for owned and feral animals. We are usually open to the public Friday – Sunday from 1-5PM.

Other Ways to Help:

Donations needed:

  • Linens, towels, blankets
  • Paper towels, bleach, liquid laundry detergent
  • Purina Complete Cat Chow
  • Bully sticks and other dog treats
  • Please email for a current list of needs. Find link on this website
  • Volunteers and visitors are welcomed Friday – Saturday from 1:00 – 5:00 to socialize with the cats


We Care does a wonderful job providing cats with a loving and compassionate home. Changing the life of even one cat is truly meaningful. Thank you for what you do for so many every day!

~ Annabelle G., visitor and supporter

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    Elizabeth Munk A Cut Above Viticulture Service in honor of The Great Work of CanDo's Give!Guide Napa Valley
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    Patricia Leopold in honor of Gabriel the Giant Schnauzer
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    Jillian DeLeon
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    Heather Fieser
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    Anna Fasoli
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    Cheryl Zammataro
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    Ellen Frediani in honor of Jeanne Frediani
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    janice Taylor
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    Paula Kornell
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    Alice Crane
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    Denise Flaherty
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    Lynn Skillings
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    Linda Henderson
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    Patricia Countrywood
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    Sharon Parham
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    Marie Dolcini
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    Cyndie Ureda
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    Dianne Snyder in honor of Mrs. Nellie Northam
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    ZD Wines on behalf of Drew Tomasyan
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    Julie Spencer
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    Bill and Susie Ashby
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    Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth
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    Margaret Koski-Kent
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    Kerry Dyer in honor of Ellen York
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    Judith Rose in honor of Nora Rose-Hines
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    Larry and Adrienne Amdahl
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    Sharon Gocke
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    KYLE WOOD in honor of Gray and Boggs
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    Jessica Harcourt
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    Nancy Kerson
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    Barbara Stone
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    Christina Nelson
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    Lois Glazier in honor of Mitzi, Molly ^ Miss Priss
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    Michael Borck
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    Linda Dietiker-Yolo
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    Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Amy Deveau Berry
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    Donna Hall Mertz
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    Margret Smetana
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    Anonymous in honor of solidarity.. it is precious
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    Judith Cahill Bravo in honor of Arthur F. Bravo
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    Erica Pickett
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    Nancy Kuhn
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    Mark and Peggy Dvorak
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    David Pelle in honor of Earl, our new cat, adopted from your center last month, a wonderful cat well-raised by you
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    Penelope A Pawl
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    William Lenehan
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    Virginia Means in honor of Michael G. Means
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    Betty Malmgren
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    Susan Kopack in honor of Boise, the best cat ever!
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    Gail Lansingh
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    Christine Medina in honor of Gemma
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    Tracy Moresi
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    John Lemanski
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    Krean Swain
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    Carol Beazley in honor of Katie Haubold (NVYS)
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    Sandy Hausser
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    Janelle Sellick
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    Shirley Payne
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    Kerry Burrows
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    Wendi Piscia
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    Wendi Piscia
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