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Napa Wildlife Rescue

What We Do:

Raise, heal, and return orphaned, sick, or injured wildlife to their natural habitats. NWR is the only organization in Napa County permitted by California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to rescue, rehabilitate, and release wildlife back into the wild. In 2018, NWR helped 1,200 birds and mammals; our education and outreach programs reached 5,000 people.

When wildlife creatures are separated from their parents, are injured, or contract a disease in the wild, it can be a death sentence. NWR is the only organization permitted by the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to rescue, rehabilitate, and release them back to the wild. We are their only second chance! When they are orphaned, we raise them. When they are sick or injured, we heal them. When they are ready, we get them back to their wild lives.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Work with wildlife patients.
  • Handle our HAWKLINE advisory calls.
  • Maintain and construct facilities.
  • Transport patients.
  • Staff outreach events.
  • Perform clerical tasks.

Donations needed:

  • We still need a plot of land for our permanent home.


Thank you for all your great work and your mindfulness of mother nature’s own. Your work does not go unseen; your unselfishness helps the world of animals be a better place.

~ Ernest Hernandez, supporter

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