Wine Country Animal Lovers

Wine Country Animal Lovers

What We Do:

We believe all animals deserve compassionate care and have been the driving force behind Napa County’s no-kill philosophy since 2012. Dogs and cats from local shelters or other unsafe situations are placed in loving foster homes until adoption. Our free  spay/neuter programs, rehoming services, and charity medical assistance support local families.

WCAL’s volunteer team saves over 400 kittens, cats, puppies and dogs each year from disease, starvation and the suffering that comes from life on the streets. Comprehensive medical care and the love of a foster family allow them to be adopted into amazing forever homes. WCAL’s free Up Valley Spay/Neuter program prevents countless unwanted kittens and puppies from being born into lives of misery and danger and reduces pet overpopulation. Beloved pets needing life-saving veterinary care can receive assistance when their owners are unable to provide for them during a crisis. As a grassroots, volunteer-run animal rescue, we do a lot with a little. This is only possible thanks to our dedicated foster families, generous donors and our relationship with the Calistoga Pet Clinic and other local veterinary partners. WCAL is here for the animals of Napa Valley.

Other Ways to Help:

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  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
  • Apply through website to foster or volunteer

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These wonderful people saved my fur baby when she got an infection and needed help. If not for their fast action and generosity, I would have lost sweet Shasta. Wine Country Animal Lovers is the best.

~ Nicole D.

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    Pat Haynes
  2. Avatar
    Lynn Skillings
  3. Avatar
  4. Avatar
    Lisa Augustine
  5. Avatar
    Janelle Sellick
  6. Avatar
    Erica Pickett
  7. Avatar
    Patricia Leopold in honor of Gabriella and Brody my beloved giant Schnauzers who passed away
  8. Avatar
    Joan Foresman
  9. Avatar
    Deassa Binstock
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  11. Avatar
    Kelli Marchbanks
  12. Avatar
  13. Avatar
    Briana Forgie in honor of Bodi
  14. Avatar
  15. Avatar
    Patricia Shinder in honor of Todd Shinder
  16. Avatar
  17. Avatar
    Marcia Hadeler in honor of Hilary Zunin...who helped start this all!
  18. Avatar
    Frances Anamosa
  19. Avatar
    Carlotta Sainato
  20. Avatar
  21. Avatar
  22. Avatar
    Briana Forgie in honor of Bodi
  23. Avatar
    Kate Hegre in honor of Dusty
  24. Avatar
    Mitzi Inglis
  25. Avatar
  26. Avatar
    Nadia Valenzuela in honor of Elizabeth Cahill- thank you so much for us working together in the sale of your home in 2021
  27. Avatar
    Nicole Graham
  28. Avatar
    Jill Cabral
  29. Avatar
    Susan Beaman
  30. Avatar
    William Martin in honor of Diego our beloved cat passed over the rainbow in July 2020
  31. Avatar
    Megan Crane in honor of Ronnie and Bailey
  32. Avatar
    Christie Watkins
  33. Avatar
    Mandy Lee in honor of Annabelle
  34. Avatar
    Terrie Guistino
  35. Avatar
    Chenoa Olson
  36. Avatar
    Olivia Ervin
  37. Avatar
  38. Avatar
    Kate Moore
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  40. Avatar
    Cristina White
  41. Avatar
    Elizabeth Munk in honor of The Florence & Munk Family
  42. Avatar
    Anonymous in honor of Donation from ZD Wines on behalf of Drew Tomasyan
  43. Avatar
    Bill Thomas
  44. Avatar
    Susan Dunaway-Tsujihara in honor of Jim and Rita Dunaway, Larry and Jeremy Tsujihara
  45. Avatar
    Sharon Gocke
  46. Avatar
    Cara Huttinger in honor of Jon Huttinger & Maureen Dolan
  47. Avatar
    Anonymous in honor of The Hawker Family - Doug, Lauran, Morgan & Hannah
  48. Avatar
    Kate Moore
  49. Avatar
    Esther Pruitt
  50. Avatar
    Cathy Stewart
  51. Avatar
    Jillian DeLeon
  52. Avatar
    Nancy Robichaud
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  54. Avatar
    Delia Bennett
  55. Avatar
    Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth
  56. Avatar
    susan bushey in honor of Angel
  57. Avatar
    Allene Hansen Picardi in honor of Pricilla
  58. Avatar
    Antonia Picardi
  59. Avatar
  60. Avatar
    Norma Ferriz in honor of All the hard working staff and volunteers of each of these organizations. Gracias!
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  62. Avatar
    Susan Mauro
  63. Avatar
    Susan Kleist
  64. Avatar
    Anonymous in honor of Barbara Dvorak Winarski
  65. Avatar
    Susa Ribardiere in honor of Ellie Ribardiere
  66. Avatar
    Elizabeth Emmett
  67. Avatar
    Allison Saether
  68. Avatar
    Allison Saether
  69. Avatar
    Penny Pawl in honor of no one
  70. Avatar
    Hilary Simone
  71. Avatar
    Anonymous in honor of Nash, Knox, and Memphis
  72. Avatar
    Karen Swain
  73. Avatar
    Kenneth Morris
  74. Avatar
    robin goldberg in honor of Frances Rainin
  75. Avatar
  76. Avatar
    Donna Doyle in honor of Miley, my Mom's rescue dog from your organization.
  77. Avatar
    Anastasia Orozco in honor of Raider
  78. Avatar
    Lee Ann Baer
  79. Avatar
  80. Avatar
  81. Avatar
  82. Avatar
    Matthew Reid
  83. Avatar
    Cynthia Langlois-Yallop
  84. Avatar
    Linda Rose
  85. Avatar
    Mark/Janet Boessenecker/Rivas
  86. Avatar
    Alissa McNair in honor of Thank you for Buddy
  87. Avatar
    Jessica Harcourt
  88. Avatar
    Ellen Frediani in honor of Mom, who loved animals.
  89. Avatar
    Pamela Wieben in honor of Tracey
  90. Avatar
  91. Avatar
    Mary Taylor
  92. Avatar
    Marie Merrrill
  93. Avatar
    Anonymous in honor of Animals.
  94. Avatar
    Nancy FIREMAN in honor of the new and returning nonprofits. Good luck!
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