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Special Opportunity

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  • 10,000 Degrees

    College Graduates Who Change The World
    Donated: $60,520
    Donations: 60
  • Cake4Kids

    Delivering Smiles to Children One Birthday Cake At A Time
    Donated: $1,010
    Donations: 36
  • CASA, A Voice for Children

    Making a Difference One Child at a Time
    Donated: $22,415
    Donations: 106
  • Children’s Museum of Napa Valley

    Sparking Curiosity Through Play while Promoting a Love of Learning
    Donated: $5,115
    Donations: 25
  • Community Resources for Children

    Ensuring that Every Child has a Path to a Brighter Future
    Donated: $14,155
    Donations: 53
  • Dirt Girls: A Program of The School Garden Doctor

    Dirt Girls Plant Empowerment Through Garden-Based Science Education
    Donated: $4,805
    Donations: 76
  • Expressions of Hope

    Serving Families, Providing Resources, Giving Hope
    Donated: $3,385
    Donations: 40
  • Friends of Napa County Animal Shelter (FONCAS)

    Supporting Shelter Animals and Alumni Pets with Medical Emergency Funding, Supplies, and More
    Donated: $10,253
    Donations: 136
  • If Given A Chance

    Impacting the Lives of Vulnerable Napa Valley Students with Guidance to College and Career Success
    Donated: $63,680
    Donations: 101
  • Loving Animals Providing Smiles

    Making a Difference in the Lives of Clients of All Ages
    Donated: $5,945
    Donations: 83
  • Molly’s Angels of Napa Valley

    Neighbors Helping Neighbors — Providing Transportation and Support Services to Napa Valley Seniors
    Donated: $23,739
    Donations: 146
  • Napa Bookmine Literary Foundation

    Igniting a Passion for Reading and Learning Through the Power of BOOKS for Kids!    
    Donated: $5,990
    Donations: 76
  • Napa Bunnies

    Dedicated to Helping Rabbits and Providing Resources to their Guardians
    Donated: $3,536
    Donations: 48
  • Napa CART

    Helping Animals and their Humans During Times of Disaster
    Donated: $9,745
    Donations: 74
  • Napa County Historical Society

    Preserving, Presenting, and Promoting Napa Valley's Diverse History and  Tradition of Vibrant Heritage Tourism
    Donated: $2,950
    Donations: 40
  • Napa Humane

    Ending Pet Overpopulation and Animal Abuse Through Spay/Neuter, Humane Education, and Behavioral Help.
    Donated: $20,700
    Donations: 158
  • Napa United

    Every Child has the Opportunity to Reach Their Own “World Cup Final" Through our Soccer Programs
    Donated: $605
    Donations: 16
  • Napa Valley College Foundation

    Providing Every Napa Valley College Student With Access to Resources for a Life-Changing Education
    Donated: $1,620
    Donations: 21
  • Napa Valley Education Foundation

    Transforming Lives by Providing Enrichment and Support to All Napa County Public Schools, Teachers, and Students
    Donated: $5,835
    Donations: 39
  • Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation

    Honoring Skilled Vineyard Work, Elevating the Farmwork Profession, and Promoting its Importance Within the Community
    Donated: $8,365
    Donations: 77
  • Napa Valley Youth Symphony

    Harmonizing Futures, Amplifying Potential: Nurturing Young Musicians and Enriching Napa Valley's Musical Education Landscape
    Donated: $3,970
    Donations: 39
  • Napa Wildlife Rescue

    The Fate of Napa’s Orphaned and Injured Wildlife Is In Our Hands. You Can Help.
    Donated: $186,097
    Donations: 217
  • Rianda House Senior Activity Center

    We Make Elderhood Life’s Greatest Chapter
    Donated: $14,365
    Donations: 46
  • Ripple Effect Animal Project

    Solution Based Rescue Helping Families and Pets Stay Together Through Education, Resources and Support
    Donated: $12,006
    Donations: 97
  • Share the Care Napa Valley

    Keeping Older and Disabled Adults Healthy, Safe, and Independent At Home
    Donated: $12,802
    Donations: 97
  • St. Helena Preschool For All

    Building Strong Foundations By Educating Young Children and their Families, and Providing Opportunities for Success
    Donated: $11,095
    Donations: 50
  • Summer Search

    Creating a World with No Ceiling Where Young People Fulfill Their Limitless Potential
    Donated: $1,090
    Donations: 20
  • Sunrise Horse Rescue

    Horses in Desperate Need Find Sanctuary and a New Role Benefitting Our Community
    Donated: $30,601
    Donations: 132
  • Teacher Resource Center of the North Bay

    Helping Teachers Help Kids
    Donated: $5,770
    Donations: 82

    Engaging Youth in Creating, Navigating and Achieving Their Life Goals Through Peer Mentorship
    Donated: $18,865
    Donations: 88
  • Waggin’ Trails Rescue Foundation

    From Hopeless to Home
    Donated: $2,220
    Donations: 55
  • we care animal rescue

    We Care Animal Rescue

    Saving Lives, One Paw at a Time: Rescuing Animals, Restoring Hope, and Finding Forever Homes.
    Donated: $7,311
    Donations: 120
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