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Special Opportunity

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  • Aldea

    The Essential Community Partner for Children and Families in Crisis
    Donated: $7,100
    Donations: 66
  • Canine Guardians Assistance Dogs

    Saving Lives One Dog at a Time
    Donated: $8,095
    Donations: 91
  • Community Health Foundation (formerly Collabria)

    Compassionate Care Through Aging, Chronic Illness, and End-Of-Life for Both Individuals and Families
    Donated: $12,325
    Donations: 81
  • Community Health Initiative (CHI)

    When People Have Health Insurance, They Live Healthier Lives
    Donated: $5,225
    Donations: 32
  • Feeding It Forward

    We fight food insecurity and waste in Napa County by rescuing surplus food and redistributing it to those in need.
    Donated: $10,810
    Donations: 119
  • Girls on the Run North Bay

    What? Not Just Running? Correct. We Talk and Play Activities for Mental and Physical Health
    Donated: $13,820
    Donations: 95
  • JLD Ag Land Preservation Fund

    Working to Preserve, Protect and Promote Agricultural Land in the Napa Valley
    Donated: $11,800
    Donations: 44
  • Mentis

    Bilingual, Affordable Mental Health Services to People of Every Age and Income Level  
    Donated: $19,475
    Donations: 93
  • Moving Forward Towards Independence

    Celebrating 25 Years of Helping Neurodiverse Adults Build Independence and Relationships in a Caring Residential Community
    Donated: $15,080
    Donations: 50
  • Napa Farmers Market

    We Provide Food Assistance Because Everyone Deserves Access to Farm-Fresh, Locally Grown Fruits and Veggies
    Donated: $52,930
    Donations: 92
  • Napa Parks and Recreation Foundation

    Promoting and Enhancing the Community's Social, Cultural and Recreational Services For All!
    Donated: $8,805
    Donations: 53
  • napa rcd

    Napa RCD

    Helping You Care for Land, Water, Wildlife, and Each Other
    Donated: $18,609
    Donations: 98
  • Napa Valley State Parks Association

    Ensuring Napa Valley State Parks Provide Exceptional Recreational Experiences and Engaging Interpretation of Historical Resources.
    Donated: $9,605
    Donations: 60
  • Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition

    Pedal Paradise: Unite Communities, Pave the Path, Preserve our Land
    Donated: $7,005
    Donations: 65
  • NEWS

    Fostering Healing and Hope, Providing Safety, and Breaking the Cycle of Violence in Our Community
    Donated: $67,800
    Donations: 153
  • ParentsCAN

    Your Partner In Your Child's Future
    Donated: $7,990
    Donations: 53
  • Paws For Healing

    Unleashing Love:  Bringing Comfort and Healing One Wag at a Time
    Donated: $4,320
    Donations: 61
  • Serenity Homes of Napa Valley

    Empowering Sobriety, Embracing Serenity: Our Sober Living Homes, Your Recovery
    Donated: $25,620
    Donations: 40
  • The Bridge Napa

    Recovery From Addiction - 12 Month Residential Program Changing Lives in Napa
    Donated: $3,445
    Donations: 32
  • The Outdoor Connection Trailside Learning Center

    Empowering People Through Nature
    Donated: $2,559
    Donations: 39
  • The Tug McGraw Foundation

    Boosting Brain Fitness and Health for Veterans and Others In Our Community
    Donated: $1,850
    Donations: 30
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