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Jack L. Davies Ag Fund

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How We Impact the Community

We are dedicated to protecting the heart and soul of the Napa Valley: our agriculture and environment. We aim to conserve our Valley's unique rural and small-town character, enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Our primary goal is to preserve, protect, and promote the priceless, non-renewable resource, and national treasure that is Napa Valley’s agricultural land, especially the Ag Preserve.

We work toward our primary goal in two major ways: first, through programs to fund education about agriculture and its centrality to Napa County; and second, by commissioning research on sustainable land use and promoting wise public policy whenever county ag lands are threatened. More specifically, we educate the public and inform local governments about the Ag Preserve's history and its importance to Napa County communities. We fund public policy research, educational outreach, public forums, and $16,000 in annual scholarships to local students pursuing agricultural studies.

Other Ways to Help

We invite community members and supporters of the Napa County Ag Preserve to help with our social media presence by tagging or submitting photos of local agriculture with a personal quote about its importance that we can repost Ongoing web updates of the Napa Ag Preserve and JLD Ag Fund sites are needed, through thoughtful review of their contents and the addition of blogs, commentaries, or studies relevant to the Ag Preserve.


Since 1968, pressures on the Ag Preserve have only increased. We must educate Napa residents about its importance. The Ag Fund has been an indispensable advocate for protecting and educating people about this critical resource.

Melinda Mendelson, former JLD ALPF Board member, Ag Preserve advocate

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Special Opportunity

Jack L. Davies Ag Fund will provide a tote bag for a $100 donation made to JLD Ag Fund through CanDo's Give!Guide.

Jack L. Davies Ag Fund will provide a tote bag along with a book titled "Oral Histories of Napa County's Agricultural Preserve" to those donating $250 or more to JLD Ag Fund through CanDo's Give!Guide.

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