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Napa County Seed Library

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How We Impact the Community

The Napa County Seed Library, a free resource for seed saving and sharing, is one of 600 seed libraries established worldwide that empowers gardeners to re-learn and practice the time-honored tradition of seed saving.

Our network of seed library annexes is designed to reach all neighborhoods of Napa County and offers free, organic seeds year-round. Since 2020, our seed exchange program distributed over 1,000 packets of organic seed to home gardeners and received a growing percentage of locally generated seed each year.

Our mission to grow, save, and share locally adapted seeds comes from a passion to teach, expand, and connect. We teach essential seed saving skills through seminars and videos. We expand the number and diversity of plants adapted to our region to support our local food system. Together, we connect and invigorate our community—one seed at a time.

Other Ways to Help

Volunteer opportunities

  • Farmers market event booth assistance
  • Seed processing help
  • Envelope folding, stamping, and/or labeling
  • Organization of seeds for long-term storage
  • Skilled photography and video production
  • Social media and graphic design support

Donations needed

  • Non-GMO, organic, untreated seed (heirloom or locally-adapted preferred)
  • Clean glass jars with lids
  • Strawberry baskets
  • Light cardboard gift-size boxes
  • Clay desiccant packets
  • Clean, milled lumber (redwood, 4x4 posts)
  • Bathroom cabinet or other furnishings with enclosed interior access
  • No/low cost ad space in local print and radio media


We are so happy to be collaborating with you to educate, inspire and empower more people to grow their own food! Thank you so much Lauren!

Rob Greenfield, activist and humanitarian dedicated to sustainability, equality

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4417 Tanglewood Way
Napa, CA 94558
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