Rianda House Senior Activity Center

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Category: Youth & Seniors

How We Impact the Community

We believe that each passing year adds value to a person, like growth rings of a majestic tree. We provide over 40 programs and activities that help older adults remain strong in mind, body and spirit, remain connected in meaningful relationships, and sharing the abundance of their lives with others.

Research shows that older adults who are active in senior centers programs benefit from delayed onset of chronic disease and experience measurable improvements in their physical, social, spiritual, emotional, mental, and economic well-being.  And when people require services we don’t offer, we are experts in helping them navigate the labyrinth of social services to get the help they need.


I can’t believe how many new people I’ve met! Being a part of Zumba keeps me physically fit and challenges my brain. I love it.

~ A program participant

What a $10 donation buys

Supplies for art classes for one senior.

Refreshments for Men’s Cuppa Joe gathering.

What a $50 donation buys

One Zumba Gold or Yoga class for 10-15 seniors.

Other Ways to Help

  • Provide opportunities for unique field trips or lectures for our UpValley seniors
  • Greeters for incoming participants
  • Fold and Sticker group for monthly newsletter distribution

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