Dirt Girls: A Program of The School Garden Doctor

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How We Impact the Community

We promote youth agency through outdoor science education. Since 2016, we have engaged nearly five dozen girls and gender-expansive youth in garden-based learning out of school.

What started as a way to maintain a single school garden grew into a tight-knit group of environmentally-minded “gardenistas.” Our current initiative, Dirt Girls Greenhouse, focuses on taking action in the local community. Participating youth will learn about creating sustainable habitat with native plants.

The Dirt Girls program is rooted in equity and grounded in nature. Our grassroots approach is inclusive, authentic, and committed to cultivating climate resilience. According to UN WomenWatch, women are disproportionately impacted by climate threats, yet they make up only 29% of the STEM workforce worldwide. We aim to close this gender gap through outdoor science experiences.

Support our local campaign to plant empowerment in the community!


I wanted to be a Dirt Girl because I live in an apartment and we only have a porch area where we can’t really garden because there’s no sunlight or anything, so I come here for a chance to embrace nature.

Helena, Dirt Girl participant, 2016-2020

What a $10 donation buys

Buys one half-gallon native plant for a habitat project

What a $50 donation buys

Buys propagation materials for planting new seeds or starts

Other Ways to Help

Volunteer to be a plant caretaker for newly planted seeds or starts

Host or attend a “gathering” of native plant material on your property

Donate gently used 4″ pots for propagation

Become a member of our Advisory Board

Join your local chapter of the California Native Plant Society

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dirt girls: a program of the school garden doctor

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Special Opportunity

If you make a $10 donation The School Garden Doctor will send a one-of-a-kind card with an inspirational message to a Dirt Girl participant or a recipient of your choosing.

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