Welcome to Napa Valley CanDo’s ​Give!Guide application process.

Nonprofit application period begins 6PM May 2, 2019

Applications are due by 11:59 PM, May 24, 2019

To qualify for Napa Valley CanDo’s Give!Guide, you must be a registered 501c3 nonprofit for at least two years by May 24, 2019. You must also have served residents of Napa County for two years or more. In addition, a representative of your organization MUST have attended the May 2nd NPO orientation this year if:

  • Your nonprofit has never participated in the Give!Guide before, or
  • Your nonprofit did not participate in 2018 (even if it participated in previous years), or
  • Your nonprofit participated in 2018, but a new person will be in charge of the project this year.

NOTE: The Give!Guide does not accept applications from nonprofits that support programs for individual schools, scholarships intended for a single individual, or memorial funds. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about eligibility.

If selected, some of the information you provide in this application will be used directly in CanDo’s 2019 Give!Guide catalog and website. Choose your words with care.

If you are selected, there is a non­refundable participation fee ranging from $300 – $500 depending on the size of your annual budget. This is due on July 12, 2019 with a check payable to Napa Valley CanDo. ​

You do not have to complete this application in one sitting. You may save the form and return later to continue working on the application. Alternately, you may print the blank application, answer the questions offline and use it as a reference as you fill out the online form.

We strongly suggest saving an original copy of your application for your records. When the application has been submitted you will receive a copy to confirm its receipt.

If you have any questions about how to complete this application, please contact us at, or call either Hilary (707) 252.7743 or Patricia (707) 853.0057.

Your logo and the image that will appear in the catalog and on the website must be submitted with this application. For many potential donors, your photo is the most important element of your display. It helps you visually educate readers about your nonprofit’s mission. Most effective: smiling faces; action; animals; etc. Avoid too many people.

Send an original, high resolution* image. It will be used for both the catalog and website. Keep in mind that the orientation for the catalog and website are slightly different. The catalog image is nearly square; the website image is a widened landscape version. (See below.) When taking the photograph, we suggest leaving extra space on the right and left hand sides of the main image. If necessary, the image will be cropped for the catalog and/or website by our designers. You will receive a proof.


Sample Image

There really is a difference between lo- and hi-res. It can determine whether your logo and photo look fuzzy or crystal clear. High resolution photos are required for sharp reproduction. Pictures should be taken at the highest resolution setting on the camera or phone. The more pixels a picture has, the larger its file size will be. Hi-res images are at least 300 pixels per inch (ppi). The best way to tell if an image is hi-res is to open the picture in an image program and view the file properties. Most computers come with a basic image editing program that will work for this.

Photos and logos must be high resolution which means 300 dpi or higher, jpeg format. The finished size of the photo will be approximately 2.4” square, but the designer can resize it if your image is larger than that. (If you need additional direction for ensuring a high res photo, please contact our designer, Kathie Fowler, at

Your nonprofit’s image on the website is the same image used in the printed catalog, however the proportions will be slightly different. The web photo should be in landscape mode (a horizontal rectangle), approximately 2.4″ h x 4.5 w. A larger image can also be resized by the designer.

Napa Valley CanDo’s 2019 Give!Guide Application