Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about donations and general interest are listed below. We hope you will find the answer to give!


    What is the minimum donation?

    The minimum donation is $10.

    Does all of my donation go to the organizations or does the Give!Guide take a handling fee?

    CanDo takes no fee. All of the money you donate to a nonprofit through the Give!Guide goes directly to that nonprofit, minus the 2.7% credit card fee. If you donate with a check, 100% of the amount goes to the nonprofit(s).

    Do you accept checks?

    Yes, the Give!Guide accepts donations by check. When you are checking out select “Check” and 1) From the website, simply write down the transaction number you will be given in the memo space on your check. Send it to the address displayed at check out. 2) If using the donation form, send a check with the form to the address indicated. Print the form from here.

    In either case, once we receive your check your donation will be added to your selected NPO(s) and the Give!Guide total.

    Checks must be postmarked no later than December 31, 2023.

    When do I have to complete my donation?

    Donations are open from November 1, 2023, through midnight on December 31, 2023.

    Are contributions tax-deductible?

    Yes​,​ all donations are tax-deductible. Donors will receive an automatic thank you email from Napa Valley CanDo for your Give!Guide contribution(​s). However, your tax receipt will come from each nonprofit to whom you donate. They will provide ​you with a thank you and tax donation letter by January 31, 2024.

    Can I have my donation matched if my company has corporate matching?

    Yes. If your company has a corporate matching program, please check with them and follow their matching procedure.

    May I make my donation(s) anonymously?

    Yes. You’ll be asked at check out. If you choose to remain anonymous, your name will not appear as a donor on the Give!Guide website and the nonprofit(s) to whom you give will not add you to their list of supporters.

    However, you will receive a one-time thank you from Napa Valley CanDo and your selected NPOs will send you a tax-deductible receipt.

    May I allow my name to appear as a donor but opt-out of nonprofit mailing lists?


    May I give a donation in honor of someone?

    Yes. Simply check the appropriate box on the shopping cart page and provide the name of that person. NOTE: a donation in honor of someone must be done as a donation to a single nonprofit, not a transaction that includes multiple nonprofits. If you wish someone to be notified of your donation, we’ll need their contact information.

    How are donations tracked?

    All donations made through CanDo’s Give!Guide website are added to an NPO’s total as soon as the transaction is made. The Give!Guide website shows each NPO’s total donations and a list of donors, unless you have chosen to remain anonymous.


    What is CanDo's Napa Valley Give!Guide?

    CanDo’s Napa Valley Give!Guide is Napa County’s easiest path to year-end giving. G!G showcases small, medium and large organizations whose missions fall into one of seven categories: Animals, Arts & Culture, Community, Education, Environment, Health & Wellness and Youth & Seniors.

    The G!G is centered around a user-friendly website designed to assist donors in giving to a cross-section of nonprofit organizations serving Napa County.

    In ten years, CanDo’s G!G has raised nearly $5 million dollars for 147 local nonprofits. You make a choice. You make a difference. We make it easy.

    What are the goals of CanDo's Give!Guide?

    • To raise funds and awareness for nonprofits serving Napa County
    • To encourage collaboration among nonprofit organizations
    • To cultivate a culture of giving, especially among new, young donors and those of all ages who may never before have seen themselves as philanthropists.

    Who is behind this undertaking?

    The Give!Guide is a project of Napa Valley CanDo, the grassroots community service organization that connects, inspires, and empowers neighbors to take positive action in our community. CanDo volunteers orchestrate this collaborative project, CanDo takes no fee.

    Why the focus on young donors?

    One of the goals of the Give!Guide is to encourage young people to get involved in philanthropy. Research makes it clear: those who begin supporting nonprofit organizations at a young age, even at smaller levels, are likely to continue to give as they get older. And the amount of their support is likely to grow with their incomes as they recognize their power to help.

    Why should I give through the Give!Guide?

    Your donation directly benefits the nonprofit(s) you select. In doing so, you support a culture of giving in the community-at-large. Donating through CanDo’s Give!Guide also provides an opportunity to be introduced to new organizations with which you may not be familiar.

    Many nonprofits offer incentives and/or matching funds. You will see a “Special Opportunities” and/or “Matching Funds” icon(s) under their photo on the home page. Simply click on the NPO’s photo. It will take you to their page for more information. Look for the “Special Opportunities” and/or “Matching Funds” boxes.

    How does a nonprofit organization apply to participate in CanDo's Give!Guide?

    Send a brief email expressing your interest ( We will let you know when a mandatory orientation takes place in the spring. Then, stay in touch. You CanDo this in one of three ways:

    Sign up for the weekly CanDo Connection eBlast on the CanDo website; “Like” CanDo on Facebook, or check this Give!Guide website towards early spring.

    How are organizations selected to participate in CanDo's Give!Guide?

    Organizations are selected by CanDo’s Napa Valley Give!Guide selection committee. It consists of  G!G volunteers and community members. To apply, nonprofits must have 501(c)3 status, must have been operating for at least two years, and must serve Napa County.

    Typically, we include a range of organizations in the categories of Animals, Arts & Culture, Community, Education, Environment, Health & Wellness, and Youth & Seniors. We include organizations of all sizes and from throughout Napa County. CanDo is also dedicated to including organizations new to the G!G each year.

    What is the Hilary Zunin CanDo Spirit Award?

    Each year, the Hilary Zunin CanDo Spirit Award recognizes one exceptional young professional, 35 years of age or under, working in the nonprofit sector. The intent of the award is to encourage long-term commitment to the nonprofit sector and to inspire others to get involved.

    Winners are selected via an application and selection process and receive a one-time cash grant of $1,000 in recognition of their contributions to the community. Since its inception in 2013, the Hilary Zunin CanDo Spirit Award is sponsored by Napa Valley CanDo.

    How do I nominate someone for the Hilary Zunin CanDo Spirit Award?

    If you are a Napa County nonprofit organization, whether you appear in the Give!Guide or not, and are interested in nominating someone for the Hilary Zunin CanDo Spirit Award, the application will be available on this website beginning fall 2023.

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