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Napa Valley CanDo

What We Do:

We connect, inspire, and empower neighbors to take positive action through volunteerism. Our projects are based on a commitment to address unmet community needs. Beside CanDo’s Give!Guide, other current core projects in Napa County are addressing food insecurity:  Garden for the Food Bank, Food Rescue Team, Napa Valley Food Project, and Gleaning Project.

Our Napa Valley Food Project has delivered more than 273, 000 pounds of non-perishable food to the CANV Food Bank since 2016.  CanDo’s Food Rescue Team gathers fresh produce from generous Napa Farmers Market vendors every Saturday morning and, through our partnership with Feeding It Forward Napa Valley, that food goes directly to our neighbors who need it most.  In 2020, Farmers Market vendors donated 13,649 pounds of food. Our new Gleaning Project sends out volunteer gleaners to backyard “growers” to make sure their excess produce finds a home.  In 8 years the Give!Guide has raised $3,746,341 for nonprofits serving our community.

CanDo has no membership requirements, dues, or mandatory service hours. We stay connected via a weekly eNewsletter that highlights done-in-a-day volunteer opportunities and community events.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Sign-up to receive our weekly email with volunteer opportunities, whether for CanDo projects or other local nonprofits. Most are done-in-a-day.
  • Attend a CanDo Gathering: Simply listen or share your thoughts/ideas. Learn how we keep moving forward. They’re listed in our weekly eNewsletter.
  • Invite us to attend your professional, faith-based, service, school or social group to present a bit of CanDo’s story and talk about the many opportunities to volunteer.
  • Partner with us:  Business partners make a tangible difference! They supply volunteers, funds, and help spread the word. In the past, business partners have rallied employees to help with creek cleanups, install drip irrigation, and collect bags of food – to name a few.

Business Partners:


For an all-volunteer organization, Cando’s accomplishments are truly remarkable. From leading the effort to limit single use plastic bags in Napa County, to cleaning up waterways, to addressing local food insecurity, to producing the Give!Guide – it’s hands-on with heart!

~ Amy G. – CanDo volunteer

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