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How We Impact the Community

We help Napa Valley students from low-income backgrounds realize their college dreams and positively impact their communities and the world. Last year we helped 1,600 Napa Valley students get to, and through, college with needs-based, renewable scholarships, and personalized support.

We’re equity-focused, student-centered, and strength-based: we believe in the great potential of all students and require no GPA or test score to participate. Undocumented students are welcome. Our near-peer Fellows share similar backgrounds with our students and provide both on-campus and virtual support.

We also help Napa Valley College students transfer to, and succeed at, 4-year universities. Our community college students transfer at 3x the national average. Our support continues beyond baccalaureate attainment to helping with career and graduate school readiness. 100% of students come from low-income backgrounds, 92% are students of color, 93% are first gen. Over 80% graduate with a bachelor’s degree and with 87% less debt than their peers!


I am a Calistoga High School alumna who now serves as their 10,000 Degrees Fellow. I take pride in being a first-gen college student and guiding other first-gen students to break generational barriers.

Citlali Montanez, Calistoga Fellow and alumna

What a $10 donation buys

Buys school supplies for a first gen community college student with financial need.

What a $50 donation buys

Buys gift cards as incentives for high school students who complete their financial aid applications.

Other Ways to Help

  • Become a career mentor for our students.
  • Volunteer at student events such as “Money Matters”
  • Volunteer for student outreach
  • Donate gift cards/restaurant cards for student incentives

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