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How We Impact the Community

We connect, inspire, and empower neighbors to take positive action through volunteerism. Our projects are based on a commitment to address unmet community needs. Beside CanDo’s Give!Guide, four of our other current projects address food insecurity:  Garden for the Food Bank, Food Rescue Team, Napa Valley Food Project, and Gleaning Project. Our newest project, Stow It- Don’t Throw It, aims to keep fishing line out of our beautiful Napa waterways.

Since 2014, we’ve grown, collected, or gleaned a total of 472,139 pounds of food plus $71,655 in donations! It has all gone directly to the CAN-V Food Bank or, through our partnership with Feeding It Forward Napa Valley, to our neighbors who need it most.

In 10 years the Give!Guide has raised $4,956,172 for nonprofits serving our community.

CanDo is an all-volunteer organization with no membership requirements. We stay connected via a weekly eNewsletter that highlights done-in-a-day volunteer opportunities and community events.


Over the years CanDo has collected tons of food for our needy neighbors.

Cindy Watter

What a $10 donation buys

Buys a fruit picking basket to gather fruit for the food bank by the Gleaning Project.

What a $50 donation buys

Buys 41 bags for the Green Bag Project’s food donations.

Other Ways to Help

Volunteer with us!

  • We have “done in a day” projects, as well as weekly opportunities to get your hands dirty in the garden or gleaning fruit for the food bank.
  • Join the Napa Valley Food Project to help reduce food insecurity in our county!  Volunteer to donate food, empty and sort green bags or coordinate your neighborhood or workplace donations!
  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter to get connected.

You want to help, we make it easy!

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