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How We Impact the Community

We build affordable homes and we build FAMILIES. While we’re working on building 200+ new affordable homes and managing 500+ homes with 1700+ low-income residents, our Resident Services Team builds families by providing classes, workshops and community connections to help residents improve their lives and achieve their personal life goals.

Last year our Team held 456 classes with 3,201 attendees in 18 different subjects in our Community Rooms which are safe, convenient and familiar locations for our residents. Additionally, the Team made 2,065 referrals/connections, collaborated with 97 local nonprofits and assisted aspiring young residents with scholarship applications resulting in 10 Rising Star Scholarship Awards.

Everyone needs a home in order to thrive and our Resident Services team provides the tools and connections for our residents – the workforce for local businesses – to gain life, wellness and leadership skills which create a healthy and vibrant community for all.


My life changed dramatically when I was an NVCH resident and attended the Resident Services classes. These classes opened my eyes to new possibilities and gave me the tools I needed to achieve my goals.

Gina E, Homeowner

What a $10 donation buys

For Resident Services Wellness Classes:

Resistant bands for stretching exercises

One stepper step platform

One hand dumbbell for strength training

What a $50 donation buys

For Resident Services Wellness Classes:

Weighted hula hoops, weight loss exercise

Bike pedal exerciser, legs and arms

Two yoga fitness balls

Other Ways to Help


  • Labor & Materials for VonBrandt Neighborhood Center Rehabilitation
  • Creation of defined office space
  • Demolition & revision of accessibility ramp
  • Kitchen cabinets, appliances
  • Couches
  • New maintenance van/truck

Sponsorships and donations supporting our May 2024 Rising Star Scholarship Award & Fundraising Event


  • Advocate for the critical need of affordable housing (letters to the editor, participation at city, county and community meetings)
  • Spread the awareness of NVCH’s good work: share our Facebook page, e-newsletters, annual report
  • Volunteer for Finance Committee, Audit Committee and Board of Directors
  • Promote NVCH’s Home Sharing program in the community

Business Partners

napa valley community housing

napa valley community housing

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