We Care Animal Rescue

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How We Impact the Community

We provide compassionate care, sanctuary, and adoption services for small animals in need. Our programs provide life-saving care, valuable emotional and monetary support, and critical animal welfare resources in our community.

As the only shelter in Napa County that offers hospice care for cats, we welcome felines that would be euthanized elsewhere and provide them with a peaceful sanctuary for their golden years.


We are very appreciative of all the work you do to save so many lives of our dear pets and in the community.

~ A Donor

What a $10 donation buys

Buys a days meal for one of our cats on a special diet.

Provides a microchip/vaccine at one of our free pet clinics for low-income community members.

What a $50 donation buys

Provides a months supply of personal protective equipment for our staff.

Pays for 2 large bags of regular food for our cats.

Other Ways to Help

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Volunteer to help care for our cats or as an event volunteer.
  • Become a foster parent to an animal.
  • Help with the upkeep of our front yard.
  • Collect pet food for our food pantry.
  • Provide Chewy gift cards for purchasing supplies.
  • Provide Target gift cards for purchasing essential animal needs.

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Special Opportunity

Every donation of $100 or more to We Care Animal Rescue through CanDo's Give!Guide will have the opportunity to be randomly selected to receive a V. Sattui Winery, Reserve Tower Tasting w/cheese & charcuterie for four. Value of $260.00.
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