Fair Housing Napa Valley (FHNV)

Fair Housing Napa Valley (FHNV)

What We Do:

Upholding our civil rights is more important than ever. FHNV’s mission is to eliminate housing discrimination and ensure equal housing choices for all residents. We provide education, mediation, and counseling for all housing issues, investigate allegations of housing discrimination, increase fair housing awareness, and build collaborative partnerships in our community.

The lasting effects of the 2017 wildfires have made housing even more tenuous for many of Napa County’s most vulnerable communities. FHNV works with a broad network of non-profit partners in the community to address the many housing issues affecting our community, including discrimination, substandard housing, and other illegal practices.

Over 80% of FHNV tenants assisted are low income households, though our agency serves all Napa County residents, including housing providers. As the voice of Fair Housing in Napa County, FHNV effects change in the community by touching people’s lives one case at a time.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Provide gift cards of any kind: grocery and drug stores, Target, Walmart, entertainment, clothing stores, even toys or gaming cards.
  • Volunteer yard work services for seniors.
  • Assist a senior with a monthly bill, grocery shopping, or help with household chores.

Business Partners:

Villa Corona

Villa Corona Napa is a major supporter of Fair Housing Napa Valley.


Thank God for your services. I didn't know you existed and now I don't know what I would've done without you. You're all so kind and I am very grateful to you.

~ Anonymous, Tenant/domestic violence survivor

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