Friends of the Napa Library

Friends of the Napa Library

What We Do:

FOL serves the community by supporting the diverse programs and services of the Napa City County Library through financial and volunteer contributions. These fiscal and human resources are dedicated to supporting the Library’s role as a critical forum for disseminating information and providing vital support for the community’s many constituencies.

FOL works to put books into the hands of youngsters, teens and the extended community-at-large. We support the Library through supplemental funding and access to volunteers. The Library is a place that people can comfortably use regardless of their race, gender, age, and social or economic standing.

A retailer of most any type would expect visitors to purchase their wares. Public places may rush visitors to complete their business and move on. But libraries don’t do that. A person can come in to read a magazine, use the computers or simply use the restroom. Libraries don’t judge. Nor does FOL.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Become a member of the Friends of the Napa City County Library.
  • Donate gently used books, CDs, and DVDs for book sales.
  • Assist in sorting, cleaning, and boxing donated items.
  • Staff a shift or two at the quarterly or special book sales.
  • Promote the myriad programs and activities offered by the Library.
  • Assist in staffing an FOL information table at community-based events.

Business Partners:

 Napa Bookmine has been a longtime partner of the Friends of the Napa Library (FOL) and continues to offer a 10% discount to FOL members.


FOL's innovative fundraising during the pandemic has been impressive. Realizing traditional book sales were not an option, the Friends seamlessly transitioned to no-contact, boxed book sales, ensuring much-needed revenue for the Library.

~ Barbara Stone, FOL Board Member

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    Nancy Fireman in honor of hilary zunin
  2. Avatar
    Linda Roberts
  3. Avatar
    William Birmingham
  4. Avatar
    Allison Saether
  5. Avatar
    Natalie Griffin
  6. Avatar
    Melinda Dittman
  7. Avatar
    Melinda Walker
  8. Avatar
    Jeff & Elaine Siefert
  9. Avatar
    Linda Henderson
  10. Avatar
    Linda Henderson
  11. Avatar
    Sharon Gocke
  12. Avatar
    Elizabeth Munk in honor of John Forster
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  14. Avatar
    David Layland in honor of Jeanine Layland
  15. Avatar
    M Mulvihill
  16. Avatar
    Harriet Spitz
  17. Avatar
    Richard Anderson
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    Susan Katz
  19. Avatar
    Betty Teller
  20. Avatar
    Ellen Wulf in honor of In Memory of Don Wulf
  21. Avatar
    Colleen Clark
  22. Avatar
    Skip & Jean Keyser
  23. Avatar
    Alison Rodriguez in honor of Mingo Rodriguez, Sharon and David Crary
  24. Avatar
    Peggy Klick in honor of Patrick Davis
  25. Avatar
    Lori & Lonnie Bowling
  26. Avatar
    Carlo Rocca
  27. Avatar
    Lotte Cosca
  28. Avatar
    John and Carol Glaser
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  30. Avatar
    Candice Chia in honor of Charlie Leiken
  31. Avatar
    Lee Morhar in honor of Judith Morhar
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  33. Avatar
    katherine wade
  34. Avatar
    Mary Herzog
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  36. Avatar
    Joan Cohn
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  38. Avatar
    Anonymous in honor of Tom Gracia
  39. Avatar
    Maureen Grinnell in honor of Sandy Fagan
  40. Avatar
    Anne and Debbie Percelay
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  42. Avatar
    Joan Burrell in honor of Frank J. Burrell, Sr.
  43. Avatar
    Robert Martin
  44. Avatar
    Lenore Davies
  45. Avatar
    Steve and Heather Teague
  46. Avatar
    Ellen Blakey
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  48. Avatar
  49. Avatar
  50. Avatar
    David and Lana Stanley
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  52. Avatar
  53. Avatar
    Mike & Donna Mertz
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  55. Avatar
    Marilee Talley
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    Susan Mathison
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    Patricia Hildreth
  58. Avatar
    Kelly Cliff
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    Stephanie Turnipseed
  60. Avatar
    Teresa Reynolds
  61. Avatar
    Bruce De Bell
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  63. Avatar
  64. Avatar
    Deb and Ron Kreutz
  65. Avatar
    Thomas and Jacqueline Gumina
  66. Avatar
    Marie Dolcini
  67. Avatar
    Hilary Zunin in honor of Speak with courage. Act with integrity. All else follows.
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    Sandy Ellis
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  70. Avatar
    Kathy Martin
  71. Avatar
    Kathy Oates
  72. Avatar
  73. Avatar
    Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth
  74. Avatar
    Susan Tsujihara in honor of Jim and Rita Dunaway
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  76. Avatar
    Leslie Erickson
  77. Avatar
    Sandy Hausser
  78. Avatar
    Christie Fulton
  79. Avatar
    Sandy Fagan
  80. Avatar
    Violet Hover
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  82. Avatar
  83. Avatar
    Carol Nelsen
  84. Avatar
    Charlene Steen
  85. Avatar
    David Freed
  86. Avatar
    Karen Garcia
  87. Avatar
    Bonnie Aguilar
  88. Avatar
    Sue Kesler in honor of Fred Kesler
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  90. Avatar
    David Yewell
  91. Avatar
    Jessie Quigley
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  93. Avatar
    Deborah Peralez
  94. Avatar
    Ken DeJarnette
  95. Avatar
    Lori & Lonnie Bowling
  96. Avatar
  97. Avatar
    Dr. & Mrs. Benjaman Parmeter
  98. Avatar
    Nancy Fireman in honor of all the FOL volunteers that make it happen.
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