Friends of the Napa Library

Friends of the Napa Library

What We Do:

Inspire and educate young and old alike through quarterly book sales, free books for children, arts and crafts projects, storytime, English as a second language help, and guest lectures. Reading should be accessible to everyone. We are also building a memory lab for document scanning, 3D printing and video editing.

Library programs and services that engage the young, the old, and those in-between are the focus of the Friends’ funding support. Children’s activities are paramount:  Story Craft for children 4+ years, for example, may include purchasing scratch boards and pencils and special ink. For the Art and Illustration program for children 7+ years, we fund puppets, flannel storybooks, musical instruments, and supplies including standard and special craft paper. The Sensory Friendly Storytime for children who need an environment with less sensory stimulation is supplied with “Figits”, scarves, felt boards and storage containers.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Become an FOL member.
  • Donate gently used books and CDs for our book sales.
  • Assist in sorting, cleaning and boxing donated items. Staff a shift or two at quarterly book sales. Promote the myriad programs and activities offered by the Library to friends and neighbors.
  • Assist in staffing an FOL information table at community-based events.

Business Partners:

Napa Bookmine has been a longtime partner of the Friends of the Napa Library (FOL) and continues to offer a 10% discount to FOL members.

Wine Down Media (KVON/KVYN) has demonstrated unwavering professional support for FOL’s outreach initiatives via discounted fees for service.


Children's smiles when they receive free books at our book sales are priceless. Our donations also help tweens, teens, sensory-sensitive learners, ESL adults and our entire community. FOL lifts us all.

~ Kathy O., Volunteer

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